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   The Packers open training camp this week with people still asking if last season was a disappointment.  They were 15-1 in the regular season, they didn’t win a playoff game.  I can distinctly recall looking at their roster and schedule before the 2011 season and saying that they should be in the mix for a championship, which is exactly where they were.

   Here’s a news flash, they should be in the mix again this season.  Green Bay has the best quarterback in a quarterback driven league, a wealth of offensive talent, motivated defensive players, big game experience, a confident and forward thinking coaching staff, little to no off-field drama, and limitless resources for football.  All of which means, they will bear watching all season long.  

   You simply can not leap from expectation to realization in the NFL, however,  Few really remember that the Packers had to sweat out just getting into the playoffs prior to winning Super Bowl 45.  Every team has hopes this time of year.  Maybe 8-10 of them have realistic hopes.  Maybe 4-5 will be legitimate contenders in January.  Only 1 of them will walk out of New Orleans in early February as a champion.  The Packers would love for that to be them (and their fans might just have a good time in the Big Easy if that happens). 

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