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Bench coach calligraphy on Brewers lineup cards

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MILWAUKEE -- The handwriting may be on the wall for the Milwaukee Brewers' season, after the ugly sweep the team suffered this weekend at the hands of the Cincinnati Reds. However, Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron is making sure things stay beautiful when it comes to the Brewers lineup cards.

Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron says he wasn't taught the calligraphy that appears on the Brewers' lineup cards.

"I just started messing with it, and over the years that's how it's come out. I've had people wanting me to do wedding invitations the past couple years," Narron said.

Narron says taking the effort to make the lineup sheets look neat, orderly and even beautiful is all about respect.

"When Ichiro came over, I saw in the stands, his name in Japanese and I just started doing it then. It's more out of respect to the Asian players, and I think most of them like it," Narron said.

Narron says Norichika Aoki's name is much easier for him to do than Takashi Saito's!

"Saito's was very difficult. He had a lot of squiggles and lines and everything else. Aoki's is pretty simple, but I've got all of them. Every Asian player in baseball, I've got it. So if we play somebody, I can just whip it right out," Narron said.

Narron says it makes him feel good when the players appreciate his hard work.

"I've got the left-handed guys in red, and the right-handers in black, and switch hitters in green," Narron said.

Narron says it takes him about 10 minutes to put the lineup card together.

"Just as quick as if I just slapped it all together, but it's a lot of fun to mess with. Just trying to do the very best -- no matter how small something is in life, just trying to do the very best at it," Narron said.

Brewers' manager Ron Roenicke said he tried to do calligraphy, but couldn't compete with Narron.

"I looked at his and his were absolutely amazing," Roenicke said.

bench coach jerry narron

Former Brewers utility man Mark Kotsay once asked if Jerry Narron's work is script or Old English.

Craig Counsell -- another ex-Brewers player now in the front office said I think it's calligraphy -- my mother made me try to do that. It's not as easy as it looks.

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