Mequon native injured in Colorado shooting speaks with Peyton Manning

Carey Rottman credit Facebook

Carey Rottman credit Facebook

MEQUON — Mequon native Carey Rottman is one of over 50 who were injured during Aurora, Colorado’s mass shooting early Friday, July 20th during the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises. 24-year-old James Holmes is accused of opening fire in the crowded theater, killing 12.

Carey Rottman survived a gunshot to the leg. Carey called his father, Dr. Dale Rottman, a Thiensville dentist, to tell him he’d been shot.

Carey Rottman

Carey Rottman

The Rottman family hopped on the first flight from Milwaukee to Denver to be with their son.

Dr. Rottman said his son had surgery Friday morning, but should be okay.

Carey is a former Homestead High School football player. Sunday afternoon, Carey got some encouragement in the form of a phone call from Peyton Manning.

“The nurse came in and said ‘Would you take a phone call?’ And he said ‘Who’s it from?’ And she said ‘Peyton Manning.’ And he said ‘I can take that call!'” Dr. Rottman told FOX6 News over the phone.

A spokeswoman with the Medical Center of Aurora said Manning, the newly-signed Denver Broncos star quarterback spoke one-on-one with several shooting victims.

“That just perked up his day!” Dr. Rottman said.

Dr. Rottman says his son is pretty sore. A plastic surgeon will assess Carey’s leg and determine final surgery.

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