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West Shore Supply Line leak repaired, pipe line restarted

pipeline burst

JACKSON — The petroleum pipeline that runs between Chicago and Green Bay has been repaired and restarted. The “West Shore Supply Line” was shut down after a leak in the pipe was detected near Jackson.

The 650-mile long, 10-inch diameter pipeline transports gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to Green Bay from Chicago.

West Shore Pipe Line, the company that runs the line says they are doing air and soil tests to make sure the fuel is not a danger to people or the environment.

Gov. Scott Walker issued an energy emergency proclamation Saturday, July 21st because of concerns the shutdown would cause gas shortages in the Green Bay area. The proclamation makes drivers of gasoline trucks exempt from weekly hours of service restrictions.

In a statement, West Shore Pipe Line said, in part: “All test results to date, including indoor air quality tests of residences in close proximity to the pipeline, indicate that there has been no impact to the air or well water quality in the community as a result of the gasoline release earlier this week. We are not aware of any risk to public health or safety.

Our key focus remains on protecting the safety of the public, our employees and those responding to this incident, as well as minimizing environmental impact.”

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