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Colorado shooting re-ignites Wisconsin gun debate

MILWAUKEE -- Colorado's mass shooting incident during the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, where 24-year-old James Holmes is accused of opening fire on the crowded theater, has re-ignited national debate regarding gun control. In Wisconsin, gun laws have changed with the introduction of concealed carry legalization, and both sides of the gun debate are weighing in after Colorado's tragedy.

"We can do psychological prevention, making sure our psychological community has the tools they need to make sure they're seeing the problems early on," Wisconsin state Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) said.

Larson voted against Wisconsin's concealed carry law and says more can be done in terms of gun control in the Badger State.

"In some cases, people can get less training to get a concealed carry gun to carry around than the would if they were going to go hunting," Larson said.

U.S. Senator from Oshkosh Ron Johnson appeared on FOX News Sunday morning arguing further restricting the Second Amendment wont help.

"I would really hate to see a tragedy like this used to promote a political agenda to reduce Americans' freedom. These are rifles used in hunting, and the fact of the matter is, this is not an issue of guns," Johnson said.

"I don't know what kind of hunting he's doing, but this is irresponsible for him to say, especially at a time when our nation is healing and trying to move forward," Larson said.

The next gun issue in the state of Wisconsin according to Larson may be a revisiting of the controversial Castle Doctrine. The law relates to self-defense, and protects those who use force to protect themselves and/or their homestead from being held criminally liable.

If the Democrats can maintain control of the state Senate for the next round of elections Larson says they may look into repealing that.

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