Contact 6: Property deed copy scam alert

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's Contact 6 is issuing an alert regarding an official-looking letter being sent to homeowners offering a service you can do for yourself, for a lot less!

The letter offers homeowners a copy of their property deed for just $89. The letter says the deed copy comes from a place called the "Local Records Office" in Madison, and says the company provides a copy of the only document that identifies the homeowner.

However, the website for the Register of Deeds Association in Wisconsin says don't be fooled by companies offering deeds for $87. The site says property deed fees are set by the state, and are just $2 for the first page, $1 for every additional page and a certification fee per document copy of $1.

Since a deed is just a couple pages, the homeowner will spend about $5.

The Register of Deeds Office in Milwaukee says homeowners don't need to have a copy of a deed on hand because it's on file with the county.

Homeowners who would like a copy of their need can call the local deed office and save a lot of money!

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