“Batman” Christian Bale visits Mequon shooting victim in CO hospital

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MILWAUKEE -- John Larimer and Carey Rottman are two men with Wisconsin ties -- and ties to the tragic Aurora, Colorado shooting. 

UW-Whitewater graduate John Larimer was one of the 12 killed from gunfire in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater. His girlfriend says John shielded her from the bullets.

Mequon native Carey Rottman was carried out of the theater by strangers after he was shot in the leg.

Larimer was stationed in Aurora as a Navy Petty Officer. His girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek spent all of last Thursday with Larimer -- and they decided to attend the midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

"John got a Batman T-shirt and a mask and cap and we walked in wearing that," Vojtsek said.

An evening many looked forward to would turn into tragedy.

"He just ducked over and held my head tight and put his body in front of mine," Vojtsek said.

Vojtsek said Larimer shielded her from the bullets, but in the process, Larimer was shot and had no choice but to take off running.

"He seemed like he was gone and the shooter came back in so we had to leave," Vojtsek said.

Carey Rottman said he was sitting in the back of the theater.

"All of a sudden I get hit in my right leg," Rottman said.

Rottman was pulled out of the theater by a few young adults he didn't know. He's recovering at a hospital now, and trying to find the people he calls heroes.

Rottman was scheduled to go into surgery at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. He's expected to be released from the hospital as early as Thursday.

Rottman got a visit Tuesday, July 24th from "Batman" himself, actor Christian Bale. Rottman shared some pictures of the visit via his Facebook page. After the shooting, he had written on his Facebook page: "Shot in the leg at Batman. Where is he when you need him?"

"Carey Rottman" was a nationally trending topic on Twitter for a time Tuesday, as people shared his photos. "Christian Bale" remains a nationally trending topic on the social media site as of Tuesday evening.

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