Dale Voss makes initial appearance in Waukesha Co. court

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WAUKESHA -- Dale Voss, a convicted sex offender, was back in court Friday. This time, 46-year-old Dale Voss is accused of seven counts of sexually assaulting a child in Waukesha County.

Voss was first convicted of first degree sexual assault when he was 24 years old. That incident involved two girls, aged four and seven.

Now Voss is accused of drugging pre-teen girls and putting his hands under their clothing. One girl told police she had been "touched" by Voss on four separate occasions. Voss claims the girls are liars.

Voss was in court Friday to ask for an attorney. The public defender's office had determined his disability pay combined with his wife's income meant he did not qualify for appointed counsel. However, since his arrest, Voss has been unable to get outside help.

"My wife's not answering her phone.  I, I don't know what to do sir," Voss told the court commissioner.

The commissioner did grant Voss a public defender. However, he will be charged for the representation.

Voss will next appear in court on August 1st with his newly-appointed attorney.

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