Downtown, Third Ward employees treated to World’s Largest Coffee Break

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MILWAUKEE -- Employees who work in Milwaukee's Third Ward had a chance to join the World's Largest Coffee Break Tuesday, July 31st -- part of Downtown Employee Appreciation Week.

"It's nice to be appreciated on a nice day, and it gives you that added 'extra' to go back to work," William Dobrenz said.

The coffee break provided a short break in the work week for Third Ward employees.

"To be able to get out and just separate ourselves -- it really does make a difference," Jason Leffingwell said.

Workers said coffee, sweet treats and good conversation, along with beautiful weather made for a nice break from the office.

"Things are free, and there's nice people here, and this is a very good area of the city to work in and have coffee and take a little break from the normal," Dobrenz said.

The World's Largest Coffee Break is in its seventh year. While it may not actually be the largest, Third Ward employees say it's the best.

"They come in droves -- it`s quite funny.  They come down about 20 after 9:00 to get ready for the event and get their free coffee and their cruller," Nancy O'Keefe with the Historic Third Ward Association said.

The World's Largest Coffee Break is part of Downtown Employee Appreciation Week -- a chance to say 'thank you' to those who live and work in downtown Milwaukee.

"We like that they shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants and take advantage of everything that we do down here," O'Keefe said.

The coffee and goodies are donated by area businesses. Downtown Employee Appreciation Week continues through Friday, August 3rd.