Salvation Army, Red Cross officials on scene following temple shooting

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OAK CREEK -- Salvation Army and Red Cross officials say they have teams working to assist law enforcement officials and family members at the scene following a shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Sunday morning, August 5th.

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Team is on site in Oak Creek. The team is providing hydration and spiritual support to first responders and family members on site and near the temple.

The team plans to be on site until the situation is resolved.

Red Cross Southeastern Wisconsin officials announced via Facebook mental health workers were mobilized to provide support and comfort to those impacted.

The Red Cross has a team of over 100 emergency workers on scene.

Police said seven people are dead, including a gunman, and three others are injured following a shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek.

Police are calling the incident an act of "domestic terrorism" and say they are in the investigation phase of the incident at this time. The FBI is in charge of the investigation, and is being aided by several other agencies.