Anton Haywood (8-10-12)

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals are looking for 34-year-old Anton Haywood. Police say he escaped from a work release facility back in November, 2011.

Law enforcement officials call Haywood a dangerous gang member who goes by the nickname "Face."

The combination of drugs and resisting arrest landed Haywood, from Chicago, in prison. Officials say Haywood escaped after going to work one day and left work, never to return to the facility.

In 2009, police approached Haywood's car in a north side neighborhood and found baggies containing 2.29 grams of heroin. Court documents indicate while in his car, Haywood made a move -- putting his hand on the car's shifter. A struggle followed with one cop using pepper spray on Haywood, and later, a taser.

Police later learned Haywood had rented a room at a Milwaukee Super 8. They found thousands of dollars stashed there.

Officials say Haywood could be armed and dangerous, with an attitude to match.

Haywood is 5'9'' tall, weighing about 245 pounds. U.S. Marshals believe he could be hiding out on Milwaukee's north side with family or friends.

Haywood has a tattoo on his left cheek and goes by the nickname "Face."

If you've seen him law enforcement wants to hear from you at (414)297-3707.

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