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Gov. Walker says he had hunch regarding Ryan VP selection

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MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker is giving Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan credit, saying he "played by the rules" by not leaking Saturday's big announcement that he had been selected as Mitt Romney's running mate -- as the two texted back and forth Friday night.  However, Gov. Walker admits, he knew what was coming.

"Literally as I got down and said my prayers last night, I sent him a text after saying the top of my list of prayers last night were Paul and his family," Gov. Walker said.

Gov. Walker believes presidential hopeful Mitt Romney picked the right guy.

"It's going to be about our kids and our grand kids here in Wisconsin and across America. I think putting Paul Ryan on the ticket is he is serious about attacking those issues -- serious about tackling big ideas," Gov. Walker said.

Ryan is also the man that Republicans feel can help them win Wisconsin -- a swing state.

"It helps.  I mean there is no question about that.  Suddenly you go to where we may be down upwards of five to six points, right now.  We'll get this thing back to even in a heart beat, and this will be competitive all the way to the end," Wisconsin Romney campaign co-chair Ted Kanavas said.

Kanavas called Romney's announcement historic.  He believes the decision to announce aboard a battle ship was a smart move, to introduce a team that is ready for a political fight.

"It's engaged, there is no question about it. The great thing for the country is this is not going to be some campaign tax returns. This is going to be about where are we going to take this country?" Kanavas said.

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