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New clock at Packers Training Camp assisting Packers’ offense

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GREEN BAY — The Green Bay Packers have added a number of new drills to this year’s Training Camp — like the offensive and defensive linemen doing ball and agility drills. It’s not the only new thing the team has introduced this summer.

From the Training Camp sideline, the new 2.5 second clock cannot be missed. On the field? That just depends on the player.

“You don’t really hear that little siren on the football field at all,” Packers receiver Donald Driver said.

“I don’t even notice it — not while we’re playing. On the sidelines I have heard it but not out on the field,” Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson said.

The new clock runs during the seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills. Packers Coach Mike McCarthy added it this season to improve the team’s timing. The clock starts when the ball is snapped, and by the time it expires, Aaron Rodgers is supposed to have the ball out of his hands.

“It’s affecting everyone — hold blocks longer, and helping us play longer. We’re extending the time on offense and giving the defense a break, so helping both sides of the ball,” Packers running back James Starks said.

2.5 seconds is about how long it takes for most protection to break down.

“It’s different, not even a good sound, it’s just different to get the ball out. Doing the 2.5 with a guy like 12 it’s deadly if he can get it out every time in 2.5, so it’s a learning process,” Packers tight end Jermichael Finley said.

“Now Aaron knows he has 2.5 seconds to get the ball out and receivers know they need to get to their routes faster. It’s been working for us because we haven’t had the clock go off more than once,” Driver said.

When it comes to the Packers’ offense, you’d think there wouldn’t be room for much improvement, but McCarthy has no interest in resting on laurels. Since the squad fell short of the Super Bowl last season, they’re all for small tweaks that could make them even better.

“Oh, no doubt, this offense is ran well, and everyone is clicking well,” Finley said.