Democrat Tammy Baldwin to take on Tommy Thompson for Senate

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MILWAUKEE -- Democrat Tammy Baldwin is running unopposed in Tuesday's U.S. Senate primary. Before a winner was declared Tuesday, Baldwin invited whomever is chosen among the four GOP candidates to participate in three debates prior to November's general election.

After Tuesday's election, Baldwin will take on former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Herb Kohl.

Baldwin voted in Madison Tuesday morning, and then greeted voters at Miss Katie's Diner in Milwaukee Tuesday afternoon.

Baldwin has a victory party planned in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood at "The Highbury" for election night -- where Baldwin plans to address supporters.

Baldwin is attempting to become the first woman ever elected to the United States Senate from Wisconsin. She is 50 years old, from Madison and holds a law degree from UW-Madison.

Baldwin has represented Wisconsin’s second Congressional district since 1999 and now, she wants to move into the U.S. Senate.

When Baldwin was born, her mother was just 19 years old and dealing with an addiction to painkillers. She was overwhelmed, so Baldwin grew up with her grandparents. Baldwin came out when she was in college.

“It was an incredible process of self-discovery and when I came out publicly — one of the most freeing decisions I ever made. Fear of discrimination exists, but I found it freeing to be able to be honest with my family, my friends and the voters who have placed their trust in me,” Baldwin said.

Sexual orientation has been a political wedge issue for decades, but polls show increasing acceptance for gay marriage.

Baldwin says the focus should be on improving the economy.

“I want to put people to work right away, rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our schools. I support bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and bringing the money back here to home. I also believe we can’t just balance the budget on the shoulders of the middle class — we have to put in their fair share too,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin has also been among the supporters of Obama's Affordable Health Care Act -- the national health care reform bill that has become law.

“The affordability of health care is key to solving the struggles that the middle class are facing right now,” Baldwin said.

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