Heat ADVISORY for most of SE Wisconsin from noon Saturday – 7pm Sunday

Dems protest at Walker, Thompson news conference

WAUWATOSA -- Democrats are increasing pressure on Governor Tommy Thompson to release his tax returns.  Some of them challenged him, outside of a news conference Saturday.  Tommy Thompson and Governor Scott Walker had a dual news conference in Wauwatosa Saturday. It`s the first time they've appeared speaking together since winning the primary, but for Thompson it's certainly not the first time hearing a resonating request.

With signs in hand, democrats protested outside of the Victory Center with a message to spread. Graeme Zielinski with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said, “We’re calling on him to reveal his secret and it will be good for the voters as we have this discussion about the economic security of the middle class.”

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has released 10 years of her state and federal tax returns and many want Former Governor Tommy Thompson to do the same.  At a press conference Thompson responded to the request, with a resounding no. "Because I’m just not going to release  my tax returns, ok. I’ve released all my reports I have to release. I released all my tax returns  when I was governor and I’ll release my tax returns when I am a U.S. Senator,” said Thompson.

 Democrats said the years Thompson spent in the private sector are the most concerning.  Zielinski added, “How much money did he make and was he advocating for policies that stuck it to the middle class?” They argue he is not being transparent and forthright. Thompson disagrees and said the campaign focus should be on creating more opportunities  for the next generation, "We as republicans have a moral responsibility to stand up and solve the problems of Americans so our children and grandchild can inherit a country that is better than what we had.”

The two also united to say Thompson was the man to bring real changes to Washington. "He reformed education. He helped reform welfare. In fact he did it so well in Wisconsin that Bill Clinton took the flag and carried it nationally. It wouldn't have happened without his leadership,” added Walker.

Thompson said America shouldn't be divided. He feels there should be tax cuts for everybody and we're all paying too much in taxes. But until he shows his...activists will continue to press the issue.

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