PICTURES: View & submit photos from your child’s first day of school

Posted on: 7:07 am, September 4, 2012, by , updated on: 09:48am, September 4, 2012

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  • Jorey\'s 1st day of K4

  • Janyah first day of K5 and Ashley first day of 3rd grade! :-)

  • First Day of K5 @ a new school!

  • Keira (1st grade) and Chloe (4K)

  • Big sister helping her little brother on his first day of Kindergarten!

  • DeVann & DeJuans first day of school!

  • My kids, Kayla and Xavier, excited for their 1st day of school :)

  • 1st Day of School 3rd grade, 2nd grade

  • UEC

  • The Three Musketeers

  • Juniors taking the car to school

  • Bob(BUS) Aaliyah,Dameianna & Bella (dog)

  • First day at Richard T. Kluge

  • Ready for school

  • 2nd & 3rd grade

  • 1st Day of 4K

  • First day of school Anthony 3rd grade Nathan 1st grade at Alcott (little brother Cameron had to be in the pic too :) )

  • My 2nd grade princess

  • Excited for my first FULL day of school!

  • james lavell birmingham-parker

  • Bailey - 5th Grade, Nathan - 5K

  • My daughter Adeline started 4K at her new \"chool,\" and wanted a picture with her baby brother, Owen (12 weeks).

  • First day of Fourth Grade!

  • first day of 4K

  • first day of school

  • first day of 4K

  • Ella (8) starts 3rd grade and Finnegan (4) is in kindergarten at Tippecanoe!

  • First day of 4K

  • first day of school

  • First Day of 5K!

  • First Day!!

  • First Day at New School

  • Rachel, K4, & Ryan, 1st, Cushing

  • Nolan\'s 1st Day of School!

  • Kaya\'S 1st Day!

  • Aaryn\'s first day k3!

  • K3, 81st Street School

  • Matthew 5th Already for 1st Day of School

  • Kiera\'s first school project in K4

  • Sebastian (4th) and Lillian (K4)

  • Juliana\'s first day of 5th grade

  • Emilys 1st day of 6th grade

  • Wheatland Center School, Wheatland, WI

  • all smiles!

  • Ronald Reagan New Berlin, WI. here I come

  • First day of kindergarten

  • Steffen Middle School here I come

  • Excited!

  • Venetta with her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Derosier

  • kaidyns 1st day of k4

  • following daddy!

  • Aniyah\'s first day in First Grade

  • First Day of 2nd Grade

  • 1st day of 1st grade!

  • 1st day of 5th Grade

  • Graciela - 1st Grade @ Edgewood Elementary

  • 3rd Grade here I come!!!

  • 1st Day of Middle School

  • 1st day of 5th, 3rd and kindergarten 2012

  • My 8th &\' 4th Grader first Day of School

  • who ever said they were allowed to grow up?

  • 1st day of school

  • Drake\'s first day of K4

  • 1st grade!

  • Drake\'s first day of K4

  • Burdick School

  • Not too happy about the 1st day back.

  • first day of school at mitchell elementary

  • First Day of 2nd Grade

  • Anna\'s first day 2012

  • First day of 2nd Grade @ Jefferson Elementary

  • So excited!

  • Anna\'s first day of school 2012

  • Kaitlyns 1st day of 2nd grade

  • Makaylas first day of K4

  • 6th graders Manitoba School

  • Nikolas 6th grade Manitoba School

  • First day of kindergarden

  • jace\'s first day of kindergarten

  • Robert, cherish Keyshawn

  • First day of Kindergarden

  • primer dia de clases

  • Nikolas 6th grade Manitoba School

  • first day of kindergarden

  • Jaden, Monica, & Emma first day of school 2012

  • First Day At College

  • Cassondra last year of middle school

  • Julia and Owen ready for school

  • first day as a freshman and senior

  • first day as a freshman and senior

  • First day at new high school

  • First Day of School at Fernwood Montessori

  • First Day of School For my 1st grader

  • First day of school in Kenosha

  • 1st grade

  • My son is THRILLED for the first day!

  • First day of school in Kenosha

  • First day of kindergarten

  • Marisela & Victoria\'s first day back to school

  • First Day of 6th Grade

  • The Kinchen Kids

  • Apples and dee

  • Aaryn\'s going to Riverview

  • Brown Deer High & Middle School first day.

  • first day of school maple tree

  • Kijani, Kasim, & Kiziah

  • 7th Grade WFB Middle school

  • 8th Grade

  • First day of school

  • school

  • Ready To Go

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