Rufas Bell (9-7-12) CAPTURED

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals say 46-year-old Rufas Bell is now in custody -- thanks to FOX6 viewers. Bell was featured on Wisconsin's Most Wanted in early September, and viewer tips led to his arrest in Chicago in early October.

Bell is accused of dealing drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

Officials say Bell broke up a north side family -- in the neighborhood of 34th and Auer. Officials accuse Bell of attacking the mother of his children while they watched.

"One time she called the cops because he was being really rough with her. He said 'you snitched on me,' and was choking her. Verbally abusive, physically abusive -- in front of the kids," Deputy U.S. Marshal Kasey Doty said.

U.S. Marshals were on Bell's trail because of drugs.

"Big thing with him is drugs -- mainly heroin and cocaine. He's been doing that his whole life and I think that's basically all he knows. When you have a loved one doing this -- that's living this lifestyle, it's gotta be painful," Doty said.

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