Winter weather advisory for parts of SE Wisconsin from 9pm Thursday – 6am Friday Aaron Rodgers is a big, fat chicken sandwich?

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Aaron Rodgers (Photo Courtesy

Aaron Rodgers (Photo Courtesy

GREEN BAY — exclusively reported Thursday, September 20th an update in the ongoing saga between Aaron Rodgers and Boyz II Men. Rodgers and Boyz II Men reportedly made a bet that if the Packers lost their season opener vs. the San Francisco 49ers, Rodgers would wear a 49ers jersey. However, Rodgers has yet to wear the jersey.
According to, at a Los Angeles Boyz II Men concert Thursday night, a food vendor is serving up an item in Rodgers’ honor — “a big, fat chicken sandwich.” reports as a reminder that Rodgers is still refusing to wear the 49ers jersey he’s obligated to sport after losing the friendly bet, a sports bar at the concert fairgrounds called Finish Line Sports is serving a special Aaron Rodgers Cry Baby Chicken Club.

The bar owner told the sandwich will be served on San Francisco sourdough bread with 49er fries on the side. reports Rodgers acknowledged making the bet.
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