Heat ADVISORY for most of southeast Wisconsin until 7pm tonight

Supporters and protesters show up at Obama rally

MILWAUKEE -- Protesters used the President Barack Obama's rally at Milwaukee's Summerfest grounds on Saturday, September 22nd as an opportunity to spread their conservative messages. Both sides made their voices heard, even before the event got underway.

Supporters of President Barack Obama were eager to hear his message. They were met by a group of protestors toting signs outside the Summerfest grounds.

“We’re here to be a conservative voice and ask Obama why he’s avoided the state for so long and to tell others around here what’s going on with the economy and why we care and why we`re supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket," Chelsea Sheilds said.

Sheilds said she showed up Saturday to spread the message of opposing Obama's platform.

"We feel like our country has gone in the wrong direction for too long. Youth unemployment is double the rate of what it is in America. We’re seeing what’s happening also with women. We also have a higher unemployment rates than the rest of America," Sheilds said.

Supporters shunned the opposition and rallied for a second term for President Obama.

"It takes more than one president and it takes more than one period to make it happen. This is going to mean all of us working together, working to get it done,” Marlo Vasquez said.

Inside, President Obama spoke of boosting the workforce by exporting more products and outsourcing fewer jobs. Obama said giving tax relief to middle class families will help the economy.

Michele Sommers is a mother and teacher and said Obama's speech reiterated core values, including opportunity, hard work paying off and everyone getting a fair shot and playing by the same rules. Some say Obama's message is one the opposition needs to hear.

"I work with the children people don’t think about, but this man does. You can't write off the half the country. You can’t write off the have-nots. This election is so important," Sommers said.

Some people were so motivated by Saturday's rally they said they plan to join President Obama's campaigning efforts. It was reported nearly 18,000 people attended Saturday's event.

CLICK HERE for additional President Barack Obama coverage via FOX6Now.com.

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