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Contact 6 has “insider” tips on being a smart shopper during the holidays

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GLENDALE - How much money will you spend this holiday? The urge to overspend is strong during the holidays, but FOX6's Contact 6 has some insider secrets to make sure you're being a smart consumer.

Whether you're a buy-in-advance holiday shopper or the last-minute type, spending money at this time of year can get out of control - fast!  Promises of big bargains and sweet sales draw consumers like no other time of the year.

However, just because stores say they're offering more for less doesn't promise you won't spend more!

Be a smart consumer and control your spending!  Reader's Digest divulged some "insider secrets" from a mall salesperson that can help you control your costs - like using smaller baskets you can carry to hold your purchases, instead of a shopping cart.  Having less space can help you buy fewer items.


Consider shopping during the weekdays instead of weekends - foot-traffic is typically slower, so deals are typically better.
Keep your receipt!  If the price drops after several days, some stores will refund the difference.

Also, consider shopping online, especially on Monday, December 17th.  That's "free shipping day."  More than 1,000 online retailers offer free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve!