Waukesha County ready to cope with snowy roads

WAUKESHA -- The bigger amounts of snow are expected north and west of Milwaukee. But that doesn't seem to be phasing those making purchases at Mark Tomchek's Waukesha Ace Hardware.

"They're buying salt shovels and whatever else they need for the storm," said Tomchek.

Among those in to buy some last-minute items is Dorothy Klatt. She's having Tomchek's crew load up six bags of salt.

Meanwhile, Waukesha County Sheriff's Deputies are glad shoppers are preparing. They hope they're also prepared to not drive. Capt. Michelle Larsuel says extra patrols will be on the highways. 

"Because the call volume will be so high, we will try to stop to make sure there are no serious injuries. But the response I may be a little bit slower because of the high call volume," said Capt. Larsuel.

Officials are warning drivers to be patient and not take risks when they're behind the wheel. They say conditions on the surfaces could change within minutes even after roadways have been treated.

"We want them to slow down in the winter conditions, meaning reduce speed to half the posted speed limits or less," said Capt. Larsuel "And also give themselves enough room between them and the vehicle in front of them, and give themselves enough time to get to their destination And really if they don't need to be on the roads at all, we suggest that you stay home."

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