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California woman decorates home with 103 Christmas trees!

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CALIFORNIA -- A Southern California home turns into a festive forest each Christmas.
That's because it is decorated with 103 Christmas trees!

The Siewert home in West Hills looks like any other nicely decorated house at Christmas, but inside is another story!

"I just love the forest to begin with, and I love trees. I love pine trees. They're my favorite tree. They have so many different kinds of pine trees now available," Alison Siewert said.

For Siewert, these trees are an addiction that began 13 years ago with the birth of her daughter, Kristin.

"People are like, 'Oh, it's you who made this happen?' I'm like 'yeah, it's me,'" Siewert said.

Siewert begins setting up her trees in October. It takes more than a month, and each tree has a story. There is a Norwegian tree because of Siewert's heritage, a wine cork reindeer tree and a Martha Stewart tree.

It is Siewert's friends who enable her addiction. They buy her ornaments, and then it's time to decorate a new tree!

"When I get an ornament I just have to create a tree for it," Siewert said.

Siewert has 103 trees at last count, and when they come down in January, she says it is depressing.

"I'm like 'oh, it is sad.' It is a sad day when my trees come down, but it is like also cleansing," Siewart said.

Even eight-year-old Jack goes through withdrawal!

"Cause I light the trees up," Jack said.

Then, emotions soar as planning starts for next year, and the next tree.

"This house is getting full, but there's always room for a tree. You can always find room for a tree. I think there's a lot of people like me out there that love Christmas," Siewart said.