Officials working with person of interest in death of Officer Jennifer Sebena

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WAUWATOSA -- Officials continue to investigate the murder of Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena. At this time, officials are said to be working with a person of interest. According to FOX6's media partners at the Wauwatosa Patch, Benjamin Sebena, Jennifer Sebena's husband, has been taken into custody. 

At this time, reports do not indicate whether Benjamin Sebena is being held in connection with the murder of Jennifer Sebena. Benjamin Sebena has not been charged. Officials have not indicated whether Benjamin Sebena is the person of interest with whom they are working in this case.

Wauwatosa Police officials say no charges have been filed and they continue to pursue multiple leads in this case.

It was discovered that Benjamin Sebena was taken in for questioning on Christmas Day -- when a Wauwatosa Patch journalist entered the media room at the Wauwatosa Police Department and read a document available there. 

"Transpoted him from the Wauwatosa Police Department to the West Allis Police Department and turned him over to a sergeant, and noted that the sergeant locked Benjamin Sebena in a cell without incident," Wauwatosa Patch Editor Jim Price told FOX6 News.

After reading the report, Price said he knew he found something police probably didn't want him to see. The media room is now locked.

"I did check with the ranking officers of the department to make sure that by releasing this information, we were not doing anything that would jeopardize their ongoing investigation," Price said.

Jennifer Sebena was found dead near Underwood and Harmonee in downtown Wauwatosa early Monday morning, December 24th. Officials say Sebena died after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

Sebena, in her second year on the force, was patrolling alone overnight. When she didn’t respond to calls for service, her fellow officers searched for her. 

Police have not said exactly where Sebena was located, but police tape and officers with weapons visible surrounded the area around the downtown Wauwatosa firehouse.

In a joint news release on Wednesday afternoon, Wauwatosa Police officials and the Department of Justice confirmed they were working with a person of interest, but that no charges have been filed. When asked whether the person of interest is Benjamin Sebena, a DOJ spokeswoman said "no comment."

Benjamin Sebena is a Marine, seen in a YouTube video sharing stories about his time serving in Iraq. While overseas, he met his future wife, Jennifer on MySpace.

Also on Wednesday, officials executed a search warrant on the Sebena's home off Ranch Road in Menomonee Falls. 

Lt. Witkowski says Officer Sebena graduated from MATC’s Police Academcy and began working with the Wauwatosa Police Department. Lt. Witkowski described her as a great person and officer.

Police continue to urge anyone with information to contact the Wauwatosa Police Department at 414-771-8672.

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