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Police agencies assist Wauwatosa P.D. in officer’s funeral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAUWATOSA -- Every law enforcement agency in Milwaukee County is helping Wauwatosa Police this weekend in some way to allow members of the department to attend the funeral of Officer Jennifer Sebena.

"It’s really important for us to give them the opportunity to be able to decompress a little bit, to go over and pay their respects," West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci said Friday evening.

Nasci is the person in charge of organizing the personnel who will fill in for the members of the Wauwatosa Police Department from Friday through Sunday.

“They’ll be in different uniforms, a little bit different patches, but we will be responding to those calls and we will provide them with the services, the level of service that they’re used to," Nasci added.

Officers from many of the different jurisdictions in Milwaukee County will take the place of Wauwatosa officers with supervisors doing the same thing.

“They do this in their own jurisdictions and we’re just bringing that service over here and trying to provide them with that same level of service that they’re used to," Nasci said.

Every agency has responded and will help in one way or another. Milwaukee Police and Brookfield Police will handle the details of the escort and the procession for the funeral, with help from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The response has been incredible according to Nasci.

"If we need more bodies, they’re willing to throw them this way as well so that we can provide the services that are necessary here in Wauwatosa.”

Which means citizens in Wauwatosa won't lack the service that they're used to. They may have even more while other agencies are covering Wauwatosa.

“We’re going to probably staff a little bit more than they’re used to," Nasci said. "But we’re filling the gaps and having a few extra bodies doesn’t hurt to help with the other issues.”

Chiefs from every jurisdiction have allotted personnel, not only to cover the city, but to also help the mourning members of the department.

"Obviously it’s really important for us to give them the opportunity to be able to decompress a little bit, to go over and pay their respects, and have that opportunity to be around the other officers from that agency and the family members and show their support there. In order to do that all we need to do is give them the time. So that’s kind of why we’re here," Nasci said.

Officer Jennifer Sebena's funeral will be Saturday at the Elmbrook Church in Brookfield at noon.