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Jobs with the lowest (and highest) unemployment

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Want a guaranteed job? Get used to being called doctor. And stay in school.

The top five jobs with the lowest unemployment rates for 2012 are in the health care, finance or social service sectors — and all require a lot of education and training.

“You look at these jobs, they are all high skilled, high education, and high experience,” said Abraham Mosisa, an economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Therefore, demand is generally high in all those areas.”

On the other end of the spectrum are jobs in construction, sales, and transportation. In last place with the highest rate of unemployment? Telemarketers.

Not only do many of these jobs require less formal training and education, but some – like telemarketing — tend to have high rates of turnover, said Mosisa.

The BLS, which released the figures Friday, cautioned against using jobs with fewer than 75,000 total workers, as the small sample size could skew the results.

That excluded some high-profile professions with low unemployment rates, like petroleum engineers and judges. Both of those occupations had unemployment rates below 1%.

It also left out some professions with notoriously high rates of unemployment — like actors. Nearly a third of thespians said they were out of work in 2012, but the BLS count included just 37,000 actors.