Teen in hot water after Facebook post about his drunk driving

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OREGON (CNN) -- Posting the wrong thing on Facebook can sometimes get you in trouble with friends or employers. But when an Oregon teen talked about how his night was going, he ended up in trouble with the law.  

Jacob Cox-Brown told his 650 Facebook friends he'd been driving drunk and ran into several cars. The teen now says the whole thing was just a bad joke.  

The post that got Brown in trouble said: "Drivin drunk?.classic ;) but to whoever's vehicle I hit I am sorry. :P"  

More than one of Brown's friends on Facebook took this post seriously enough to message it to the Astoria Police Department, which led them to Brown.

"Sure I shouldn't have posted that. I kind of regret it, but it just got blown out of proportion," Brown said.

McKenzie Wilson didn't think it was blown out of proportion. Her car was parked outside her house when it was hit along 5th Street.

"I'm like 'why would you post that?' I didn't have to do anything. He pretty much turned himself in," Wilson said.

Wilson says Brown even knew whose car he hit. 

"He messaged my husband on Facebook and said' I'm sorry about what happened. It was a really idiot thing to do' and left a number but we haven't called him yet," Wilson said.

Brown admitted hitting the car, but said it was icy conditions, not drunk driving that caused him to slide into the car.

Police say Brown was charged with hit-and-run for the car troubles. They say by the time they caught up with him, there was no way to find enough evidence to charge him with DUI.

This isn't the first time Brown has had run in with the law. He's also been arrested before for burglary and criminal mischief.