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Playoff preparations with Packers flair

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MILWAUKEE -- Gearing up for game day. Packers supporters pulled out all the stops as they prepared to watch Saturday’s playoffs. And for many it was the pre-game festivities that got folks amped up. It seemed, one local store was the hot spot for Packers party needs.

It was a sea of green and gold at Sendik’s in Whitefish Bay. Nick Bandoch, the Communications Manager said, “We’re very excited. We’ve been the game day preparation site all season long.”

Saturday is always a busy shopping day, but the playoffs brought some big business.

Even employees were in the spirit, decked out in their favorite Packers gear. “There’s nothing more classic Wisconsin than the Packers and we’re a Wisconsin-based company. We’ve been here since 1926 and try to connect with the community, the Packers is a great way to do that,” added Bandoch.

From signs and balloons, to cookies and cakes, the food market was full of Green Bay flair.

“We got a lot of stuff in the deli, produce department, cut fruit so we can have fun with Packer colors. We got shish kabobs with green and gold on there and peppers cut, lots of green guacamole, and fun fresh things.”

Why cook for a playoff party when all you needed was right there? Bandoch added, “We have our game day wings in the deli, more chips, more guacamole, more beer it’s a Wisconsin classic thing for the Packers to have classic fan favorites.”

Full bellies and getting festive were all part of the tradition.

“We got our Packer balloon and we’ve got our green and gold flowers and of course have our Jimmy Luv's Bloody Mary Mix which is our favorite. That’s all we got and we’re set,” said one shopper.

But win or lose, Packers supporters said the preparation can be just as fulfilling as watching the game, because it’s all part of the game day experience. The shopper added “We love the Packers, we love what they stand for and we love getting together with our family to support the team.”

Sendik’s offered some great game day specials Saturday and they said the crowds that shopped Saturday were just as grand as those during the holiday season.