Priebus elected to a second term as RNC chair

Reince Priebus (8-29-12)

Reince Priebus (8-29-12)

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (CNN) — Reince Priebus was re-elected Friday as chairman of the Republican National Committee. First elected in 2011, Priebus will serve another two year term that includes the 2014 midterm elections.

Priebus, a former chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party, is credited with turning the RNC’s finances around in just under two years paying down more than $24 million of debt and ending 2012 with more than $3 million in the bank.

Gov. Scott Walker issued the following statement on the Priebus re-election: “I’d like to offer sincere congratulations to my friend Reince Priebus, who will continue to serve as our party’s national chairman. During a time of uncertainty, Reince assumed the responsibility of coalescing Republicans and moving our party forward with one, unified voice. He brought the party out of debt, secured a significant surplus and has helped secure a brighter future for all Republicans. Not only has he played a substantial role in our successes here in Wisconsin, but he’s been a key player in major victories throughout the country. His sound leadership is an asset to our future success and I look forward to our continued partnership in the years ahead.”  

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