Battle heats up over Milwaukee’s residency requirement

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The debate over Milwaukee's residency requirement for people who work in the city is heating up again.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn believes the residency requirement should stay.

"I've been in places that have residency and places that gave up residency and did away with it and it has an effect on the city," said Chief Flynn.

In a letter written by Chief Flynn and Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing, the two ask the governor not to change the current rules on residency in Milwaukee. The letter is in response to a request by two unions representing police and firefighters, which want the requirement tossed.

"Moving out of the city will have a significant impact on the delicate balance necessary for healthy  neighborhoods," said Chief Flynn.

Flynn believes allowing employees to live outside of Milwaukee can be devastating to economic and social diversity.

"We can't remove an entire class of workers from their city and stabilizing influence and impact on civil life on the community without having an impact on those neighborhoods," said Chief Flynn.

The chief claims for police, the residency requirement is a mark of price; that everyone who lives in the city shares in its burdens.

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