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Gov. Walker unveils plans for spending on veterans benefits

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Gov. Scott Walker revealed more about his biennial budget on Tuesday, February 19th -- a day before he formally presents it to lawmakers in Madison.

Gov. Walker chose the 128th Air Refueling Wing in Milwaukee to talk about spending on veterans services.

"On the eve of our budget address, we want to highlight our commitment to veterans," said Gov. Walker.

In the budget, Gov. Walker says there will be more than $43 million for veterans benefits in the state of Wisconsin.

"From everything from helping with employment services, to helping returning veterans start-up companies of their own, to helping our more senior aging veterans in the state. With additional resources in our state’s nursing homes with new staff and new equipment there. All of this designed to make us one of the best state’s in the country when it comes to serving our veterans," said Gov. Walker.

Gov. Walker's budget includes 110 new positions at the state's veterans homes; homes that care for veterans and their spouses. His plan would also expand the Wisconsin G.I. bill. The benefits will include veterans who may not have served in Wisconsin but have lived in the state at least five years.

Gov. Walker has spent the last week highlighting different elements of his upcoming budget including health care, education and taxes. He says he wants to move people from dependence on government to independence.

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