Sheboygan residents dig out from over 15 inches of snow

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- Sheboygan residents were digging out from over 15 inches of snow on Wednesday, February 27th. Mountains of snow were piled high in some areas, and neighbors stepped in to help each other out.

Residents in Cedar Grove were buried under over a foot of snow that started falling Tuesday afternoon, and was still falling Wednesday.

Residents worked to dig out -- shoveling and snowblowing the wet, heavy snow.

It was all hands on deck for the Huenick family. They lost their driveway under all the snow.

"It's very heavy! I won't need to go to the gym today, because this is a workout! I am sweating," Mary Huenick said.

As Mary Huenick battled the conditions in the front of the family's home, the kids worked on the side, while dad attempted clearing out the driveway.

Meanwhile, in the city of Sheboygan, Laura Demovich worked to clear a path in front of the Mead Public Library. Demovich said it was not an easy eight-block commute to work.

"It was wild! I was climbing over the snow piles. I couldn't believe how big they were," Demovich said.

On Wednesday, the library closed due to the weather conditions -- something that is extremely rare.

"It makes you work a little harder, and when you accomplish it, you go, 'I did it!'" Demovich said as she worked to clean up from the storm.

Sheboygan County Sheriff's officials said conditions were improving in the area Wednesday -- after deputies responded to more than 100 calls of service.


A combination of wind and lake effect snow left parts of Sheboygan buried.

The weather off Wisconsin Avenue turned the pavement into an off-road rally course! This was one of a handful of side streets that created problems for drivers like Viviana Rosero.

"Overwhelming!" Rosero said.

The concern for drivers didn't stop there.

"There was some sheriffs that had to ride in plow trucks because they were getting stuck themselves," two truck driver Jamie Noel said.

Noel, who drives for Bret's Towing went on several tow runs as the snow fell.

"Honestly, I've lost count," Noel said.

Deputies and police estimate they assisted about 120 motorists during the storm -- some abandoning their cars because of the conditions.

Rosero was just happy to see a plow come through Wisconsin Avenue!

"It brought a smile to my face to see it, finally!" Rosero said.