FOX6 Web Fix: New York man cited for laughing too loud

(CNN) -- A New York man was cited for a rather unusual reason. Police say his excessive laughter was disturbing the peace!

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and you cry alone.

Apparently NOT in Rockville Centre, where 41-year-old Robert Schiavelli was recently given a summons for laughing too loud.

"I love to laugh. I got two appearance tickets for laughing out the window of my own house," Schiavelli said.

It happened back on February 13th. Schiavelli says he was minding his own business, looking out his window when his neighbor started staring at him in a threatening way. Schiavelli says his response to this was simply to laugh.

"I just kept doing it till he went away because he kept staring at me," Schiavelli said.

When Schiavelli continued laughing, his neighbor called Rockville Centre police, who gave him a summons for disturbing the peace.

When they heard Schiavelli's distinctive laugh for themselves, according to Schiavelli and his mother, "It's really very, very nasty."

This incident was just the latest development in a long-running feud with their next door neighbor, whom the Schiavellis claim is constantly making fun of the fact that Schiavelli is neurologically disabled.

"He called Bob a retard on several occasions," Schiavelli's mother said.

As far as the summons that Schiavelli was given, the Schiavellis say they intend to fight them in court -- all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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