Women’s softball team clears snow, hopes to play soon

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There's a softball team in town that wishes it had the luxury of a roof over its diamond. The Alverno Inferno women's team has yet to play a single home game.

"It's definitely been a very cold spring and we could also use a little rain which would help us. But, so we're just trying to start the process, jump-start it," said Kristin Ortman, Alverno head coach.

Right now, the team's record is six wins and two losses. But Alverno is overdue playing games on their own turf -- because it has been covered in snow. On Wednesday, March 27th, the players took efforts to change that.

The players came out to the softball diamond, grabbed some shovels, and worked to clear the snow from the infield. Under the snow, there was a thick layer of ice which they hope will melt soon.

"We were supposed to have a game today and tomorrow. But as you can see, the field is not up to par. Yeah, hopefully, we'll be able to play next Monday," said Stephanie Wilmore, Alverno senior.

Wilmore and her teammates shoveled the snow into a cart and then trucked it behind the field.

The one person not taking part in the clearing of the snow is the team's pitcher.

"Yeah, well, I broke my ankle in Texas during our spring training. So I'm out for another few weeks and I'm hoping to get back in pretty soon. So in other words, the more delayed games the better," said Erin Dulek, injured Alverno pitcher.

Coach Ortman said her team will need to play about 30 softball games in the month of April just to get caught up.

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