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Polar bear cub makes debut at Buffalo, New York zoo

BUFFALO, NEW YORK (CNN) -- A polar bear cub may only be a few months old, but she's already gaining quite the fan base.

Luna made her debut Sunday, March 31st at the Buffalo Zoo in a limited viewing. Cheering fans signaled Luna's grand entrance.

The little polar bear built up some courage and started to look right at home. There were lots of "awws" during her hour out in the zoo world. She played with her toys and took a dip in her baby pool.

"I was so excited that I was thinking I wanted Luna to be my pet," one zoo-goer said.

The Buffalo Zoo says Luna is a lucrative addition. In the past month, they've raised more than $100,000. The zoo hopes money continues to claw its way in to help them build their new additions.

Construction is already underway for Luna's $18 million exhibit. $3.5 million more is needed.

"We hope that having her here and where people will be able to see her outside will encourage people to continue to donate and support building her new home,"

Right now, Luna is the only polar bear at the zoo. The Buffalo Zoo is planning to get a second baby polar bear this spring, a three- to four-month-old male cub, named Kali.

The orphaned polar bear cub was found near Point Lay, Alaska, on March 12th.

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