American Heart Association kicks off National Walking Day

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Going out for a walk is something the Marquardt family loves to do together. The American Heart Association is asking everyone to take after the Marquardt's as they kick-off National Walking Day Wednesday, April 3rd.

"Fresh air, exercise, we get to see new sites, and meet new people," Tabitha Marquardt said.

"I think in everybody`s busy lives they don`t find the time to exercise. They kind of put that aside. We`re really trying to promote people making that a priority," American Heart Association Corporate Events Director Lisa Truong said.

Health officials say everyone should get 30 minutes of activity a day, at least five days a week. Just walking can have many health benefits.

"Lowering their blood pressure, maintaining their weight, weight loss if that is one of their goals, and even general bone density, and that kind of that overall cardiovascular health," Truong said.

Along with National Walking Day, the American Heart Association is starting a month-long promotional campaign called" Show Us Your Moves."

People are asked to post pictures of themselves working out on Instragram with the hashtag #mymoves, and the picture could be featured on the American Heart Association's website.

"It could be taking your child on a bike ride, it could be going on a walk through the neighborhood, and having fun with your friends roller skating. Any sort of activity that really gets your heart moving is what we`re looking for," Truong said.

For more information on the "Show Us Your Moves" campaign CLICK HERE.

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