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Sunshine, blue skies on Day Two of tornado recovery in Moore

MOORE, OK (WITI) -- FOX6's Ben Handelman spent a second day in Moore, Oklahoma on Wednesday, May 22nd.

There was a literal bright spot in the recovery effort on Wednesday: SUNSHINE and bright blue skies.

Ben Handelman caught up with Moore residents as they dug through the rubble, trying to save whatever they could -- and a few were able to find precious possessions they thought would be gone forever.

One Moore woman told Ben Handelman she was stuck in traffic on I-35 when the tornado struck -- trying to get home. Rush hour traffic trapped her, and she wasn't able to make it home until after the tornado struck.

She came home to find devastation, but she says she feels lucky to have her life. She recalled calling her parents while sitting in traffic on Monday afternoon as she watched debris fly -- saying "I think I'm going to die."

Additionally, Ben Handelman spoke with a man who said he, his wife and his dogs were underground when the tornado struck, and when they emerged, their home had crumbled around them.

They spent Wednesday digging through piles of rubble.

Later Wednesday, Ben Handelman spoke with a man who had a storm shelter installed last year -- and credits that for saving the lives of many.

For more from Moore, OK, click the video link above.

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