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Sheboygan parents upset after school field trip ends awkwardly

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- A Sheboygan parent says a group of students (about 40 boys and girls) were forced to change clothes in one room while on a field trip -- and it made at least one child uncomfortable.

It began as a fun after school trip at Blue Harbor Water Park -- but it ended awkwardly for some.

Some parents of children who attend Longfellow Elementary School in Sheboygan said they felt uneasy after learning children were forced to change clothes in front of other children.

According to a police report, a staff member did not allow the boys and girls to go to the locker room to change out of their swim gear, and instead, made them all change in one room.

When some of the students asked to go to the locker room to change, they were denied. The school district says the employee told them they had to stay in the room.

Although the district says some students were given partitions, the parent who made the complaint says his daughter came home upset. The report says it was all in an effort to save time.

At such a sensitive and naive age, some parents believe the employee's actions were unacceptable.

"Girls go into girls room, boys in stalls -- especially for the child that said they felt uncomfortable," one parent said.

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