Deadline passes for Mukwonago H.S. to change nickname

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MUKWONAGO (WITI) -- As ordered by the state, Thursday, August 15th was supposed to be the deadline that Mukwonago High School would change all logos, symbols and names associated with its nickname, the Indians. But the district is taking a stand against the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and Act 250, which is mandating the change.

Sam Hall represents the district. He says Act 250 violates due process and is unconstitutional.

"They weren't allowed to call the complainant to testify they weren't able to ask him how is this stereotyping him," said Hall.

DPI granted Mukwonago on Thursday, an October 8th extension to remove the Indians name and logos. If the district misses the deadline again, it could face a fine of $1,000 a day.

Now, State Representative Stephen Nass from Whitewater has drafted legislation that would repeal Act 250 -- and put control over mascots and names back into the hands of districts.

The Wisconsin Indian Education Association said the repeal of Act 250 would be a step backward -- saying the indian names stereotype, marginalize and diminish their voice.

The repeal of Act 250 currently has support from 20 lawmakers in the State Assembly and six in the State Senate. Rep. Nass says it's up to Speak Robin Vos to introduce this into committee -- which could happen in the coming weeks.