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Freshmen move into dorms at Marquette University

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- For some, Wednesday, August 21st marked the official end of summer; it was move-in day at Marquette University. Nearly 2,000 freshmen spent the day checking in and settling into the dorms.

“I’m very excited to start the new year,” said incoming freshman Carolyn Bump. “I’m a little scared but mostly excited.”

“It’s very exciting. We’re thrilled that she’s going to Marquette and is going to be in Milwaukee,” added Perry Bump, Carolyn’s dad, “So she’s excited about it, her moms excited it about, I’m excited about it, it’s a wonderful place to be.”

Outside McCormick Hall, which is the only all-freshman dorm on campus, hundreds of soon-to-be students and their parents lined up waiting to unpack in their rooms. Their carts were filled with everything from clothes to books to giant televisions. They waited in another line to pack it all in to the elevators, or skipped the lines and opted to walk up as many as 12 flights of stairs. At that point, they were introduced to the small space they will call home for the next year.

“It’s getting so real,” freshman Jordan Schutta remembered what it was like seeing his new room for the first time. “It’s going to be my new home for the next year. So it’s getting really real.”

It was “getting real” for Schutta’s mother Jen, too, but in a different way. Jordan is her first born, and therefore first off to college, so it was a very emotional day for her.

“As a mom you, you prepare your kids for this day, and you question yourself, but then you see them do it. You see them walk on campus and you`re like, he`s ready,” said Jen Schutta.

For Marquette University staff members, move-in day is an exciting day as well. Andy Brodzeller said it never ceases to amaze him how much the students can fit into their dorm rooms.

“It’s amazing at the success they have at fitting it all in to be honest and they really make it their home as they should. It’s an exciting four years and this is just the beginning,” said Brodzeller.

Freshman and sophomores are the only students required to live in the dorms. As of 6 p.m. Wednesday, all of the new freshmen were moved in. Classes for all of Marquette’s 12,000 students start Monday.

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