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Posted on: 10:55 am, September 2, 2013, by , updated on: 09:20am, September 4, 2013

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s an exciting time of year for kids of all ages. It’s the time when kids are going back to school and getting back into routines.

But before those students head off to class, their parents take part in a tradition — snapping pictures of the little ones on that first day of school. View and submit your own photos by clicking the button just below.

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  • 5th grade, 2nd grade & K3

  • Dakota's first day of 5th grade

  • 6 year-old Makenna from Brookfield

  • jayden

  • Here is a picture of my daughters Cassie (6th grade) & Zoé (2nd grade)

  • Evan's 1st Day of Pre-K

  • Gus was not a happy camper, until he made some friends. Now he loves it!

  • Sara's first day 6th grade-Syracuse, NY

  • roommates first day

  • first day of school for Sophia and Noah Cardenas with Benjamin their little brother sending them off,onthe first day of school

  • 1st I come!!!

  • Cree Rice

  • Andrea's 1st day of school as a Junior at Marshall High

  • Armani's first day back at Sherman Multicultural School

  • Hampton School

  • Lily's first day of Kindergarten and Daddy's first day of college.

  • first day of school pix

  • Jayden Semotan's first day at Riverside in Menomonee Falls!

  • Emilia Garcia - 1st Grade - BGCS - August 28, 2013

  • Ilitah Marie Guthrie

  • Blake and his brother and sister!

  • First Day of Age Three Class!

  • First day of school for my nieces and nephew at Horace Mann!!

  • Katie 5K

  • Anisah First Day of k4 at Academy of Excellence !

  • Ayanna First Day of k5 at Academy of Excellence !

  • Aidan's first day of 5th grade and Mitchell's first day of 1st day!

  • Connor's 1st Day of 1st Grade and Cooper's 1st day of K4

  • Jayden-First day of third grade with his sidekick, brother Nolan

  • Johnson Creek Elem School

  • this is zhane' (zha nae) first yr at school. she is now a k4 student @ Bethune academy! good luck to ALL the kids this new school yr...

  • Hailey

  • 4K is our official start of real school here

  • This is the REAL 1st day of school for Ashley, she's only 4! This is the 1st day for this year for Alyssa!!

  • Cory 6th Grade, Taylor 5th Grade, Caden 4th Grade, Georgia 1st Grade and Chloe 5k..

  • madasyn

  • Lanayshia K-4

  • First Day of 7th Grade

  • First day of school

  • fist day of school

  • Meckenzie's 1st day of 2nd grade

  • Joey & Jenni

  • 1st day of 4th grade Katera

  • Pariss 1st Day of 8th Grade and Patiencee 1st Day of 2nd Grade

  • Elijah (1st grade) Trinity (4th grade)

  • 1st and 2nd grade in east troy

  • First day of 1st Grade.

  • Hoyt is starting 2nd Grade at Kenosha's Curtis Strange Elementary School. Hoyt loves to hunt, fish and spent time with his Dad Rick Banulis; they love to visit Grandpa Rick in Freemont, WI for fishing weekends.

  • First day of school

  • Cheyanna starts pre-K

  • C

  • Casey, Camryn & Ryan off to school.

  • Elliot

  • Bus was 45 minutes late!

  • Waiting for the bus and getting excited for the first day of school!

  • first day of school

  • Gionni Roscoe First day of School Garland Elementary. They also got a visit from the govenor and mayor

  • Marissa's First day back at Slinger!

  • Trevor-left (Junior) and Riley-right (Freshman)

  • Ian excited about headed back to school

  • First grader!

  • Elm Dale School-Greenfield: 4th and 3rd grades

  • My baby back at MFIS

  • Tory wanted to go to school today with Kjerstin and Annika.

  • Going to Germantown for 3rd and 4th grade...

  • First day of school and one future student

  • Michael's first day of kindergarden

  • First day of school 2013

  • Isabella's first day of 3rd grade at Salem Grade school Salem WI

  • A'niyah - ready for 6th Grade :-)

  • Buzz and Avalee- College Park

  • SERENITY LASKY Decorah Elementary School West Bend, WI 4th Grade

  • Started 3K on August 26, 2013, 2 days after she turned 3.

  • Sienna and Carson

  • /Users/alexandriaechols1/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2013/09/03/20130903-093344/IMG_0279.jpg

  • Savannah 1st Grade!

  • !st day of school

  • Mitch Mosby (7), 2nd grader attending Universal Academy of the College Bound.....

  • Kenosha's First day of school.

  • Kids pic

  • Baylees 1st day of 2nd grade at Erin Elementary.

  • Delwayne's 1st day of K-3!

  • Ty (6th grader) can't wait to leave home & share what he did over the summer with his friends =)

  • 1st Day 2013 Kewaskum Elementary

  • Carmen's First Day of School - 9/3/2013 ~ Primer Dia de Escuela (Milwaukee, WI)

  • Travis starting high school...GO Port Pirates !!!!!

  • First Day back to school in Kenosha.

  • Jack and Jenna off to their first day of school with Murphy seeing them off

  • Delwayne's 1st day of K-3!

  • Julian (9) starting 4th grade!

  • Almost go time!

  • Stacia (10) and Cody (7) First Day at West Side School in Elkhorn!

  • First day of Kindergarten

  • Nita and Aaron first day of school

  • Catherine Harmon Victory School

  • Shaniya's 1st day of K-4!

  • Back To School

  • EverGreen Elementary 2nd Grade

  • Picture of my daughter headed to school...

  • So ready to go and be with their the Port Washington / Saukville School District =)

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