Schools take extra measures to keep students cool on Tuesday

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's not exactly the kind of weather that's helpful for teaching.

"It's kind of ironic that when the school year comes around all of a sudden Mother Nature plays a cruel joke on us," says Franklin Pierce Elementary Principal Keith Carrington.

But Franklin Pierce Elementary is doing what it can to keep kids comfortable.

Teachers are making sure students are drinking plenty of water by giving them breaks every 15 to 20 minutes to go to the bubbler.

"I think it's very uncomfortable so that's why I carry a full bottle of water every single day to stay hydrated," says 5th grader Abril Jimenez.

Water stations have also been set up around the building, and school officials are watching the weather closely around recess time.

"If recess is happening especially at the hottest period of the day we will limit that or keep it indoors altogether," says Milwaukee Public Schools Spokesperson Tony Tagliavia.

All Milwaukee Public Schools are following this same protocol.

Since a limited number of MPS schools have air conditioning, some teachers are moving kids out of the classroom.

"Utilizing cooler parts of the school, if there is air-conditioned parts of the building or basement portions of the building, making sure classrooms can go down there to rotate through to keep cool," says Tagliavia.

Franklin Pierce Elementary is one of those schools without AC, but they're doing what they can in the given circumstances.

"I suggested turn the lights off, keeping the shades down so that the sunshine doesn't come in as bright and there are fans in the majority of the rooms," says Carrington.

This problem won't last long, because in a matter of days the fall-like weather will arrive.