Milwaukee Police Department holds annual Merit Awards ceremony

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- There was a display of pomp and circumstance for Milwaukee Police officers on Wednesday, November 13th, as MPD held its annual Merit Awards.

In March, Sergeant Stephen Chin saved a man's life.

"Just grateful that I had the training and that I was there for someone who needed it," Chin said.

The man had no pulse, no heartbeat and no signs of life when Sergeant Chin was summoned.

The  man had been brought to MPD's District 4 police station and was laying int he parking lot.

A day later, Chin showed FOX6 News the automated external defibrillator he used to shock the man's heart back into rhythm.

"We went through a total of three shocks as well as mouth-to-mask compression," Chin said.

It is an experience Chin says is just part of his daily job -- but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Police Chief Ed Flynn says it's so much more.

"Tonight we get the chance to recollect the kinds of risks officers have taken on behalf of people they don`t even know," Chief Flynn said.

"It demonstrates to the people in this city just how brave the men and women are who work for the Milwaukee Police Department," Mayor Barrett said.

Dozens of officers were honored during the ceremony Wednesday night, including two who delivered a baby in the back of a car in June.

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