Event trades free exercise classes for food donations

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- A group of exercise enthusiasts came together Saturday morning, November 16th for Punch Out Hunger -- an event bringing fitness and Feeding America together.

The event, held at Title Boxing Club, offered free power-hour classes to those donating non-perishable food items to Feeding American Eastern Wisconsin.

"When I'm doing work out stuff it makes me feel good, but then when I'm donating food to it, and doing what I like to do, that makes me feel better," said 9-year-old Laci Grace Crow.

Lori Anacker, owner of Title Boxing Club's Brookfield location, says one of her employees came up with the idea to hold a food drive.

"It's part of our mission statement," said Anacker. "We want to give back to whatever community we're located in."

General Manager Matt Anacker says the donations do for the soul what the club does for the body.

"It's that non-violent, non-intimidating atmosphere. We're all about fitness, we're not about fighting here. We don't fight, we don't spar, we don't have anything like that," said Anacker.

Punch Out Hunger also featured raffle prizes from various area businesses.

If you missed the event, Title Boxing Club will continue to take monetary donations for Feeding America.