Wicked winds force jet to abort landing at last second

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BIRMINGHAM, England (WITI) — A pilot attempting to land a Boeing 777 airplane in Birmingham, England on Thursday, December 5th was forced to abort because of extremely high winds.

The Emirates jet was trying to land at Birmingham Airport from Dubai. The video below shows the pilot’s first missed approach. He also missed the second and then diverted to London Gatwick.


  • Northway775

    Crabbing is the method used by pilots trying to land in a crosswind. As the plane is about to touch down, the pilot deftly realigns the aircraft’s approach, changing it to a straight ahead configuration. All these news reports about an out of control plane are hogwash. The aircrew knew exactly what they were doing. The landing was aborted because the crosswinds were too high to make even a crabbed landing. In fact, there are set limits, in knots, beyond which a pilot must abort. Birmingham is well known for strong crosswinds, and many landings have been aborted for that reason.

  • flyboy

    Northway is exactly correct. Looks to me like a perfectly executed approach in a left crosswind and a smooth recovery to a rejected landing when the wind exceeded the “book” values

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