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Milwaukee man accused of abusing three children

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Harold Bonilla

Harold Bonilla

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 26-year-old Harold Bonilla of Milwaukee was charged on Wednesday, January 15th with multiple criminal counts for allegedly endangering the lives of three children.

Bonilla faces charges including first-degree recklessly endangering safety, physical abuse of a child and bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee firefighters responded to a house fire on the city's south side just before 8 a.m. on Monday, January 13th. While officers were on the scene, the father of Bonilla indicated he "personally observed significant bruising and swelling on the...children." When the father tried to ask Bonilla what happened, he "refused to tell his father anything."

The complaint then says Bonilla "attempted to tell (his father) that the injuries on the...children were sustained when the children were trampled while attempting to evacuated the residence."

House fire at 24th & Maple

House fire at 24th & Maple

The criminal complaint indicates the three children at the home were taken to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to investigate the bruising that was reported by the defendant's father. One of the children told an investigating officer that Bonilla struck him in the face and legs because he "took the Spiderman chewable snacks." That same child also indicated Bonilla had "burned (his) hand with a lighter and a cigarette in the past."

The complaint says all three children had evidence of bruising and "there is concern for a strangulation event."

If convicted, Bonilla faces up to 12-and-a-half years in prison and $25,000 in fines.

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  • Lori Hohl Wright

    So many sad situations in the world today.People caught up in the wrong things. People are not taking on the responsibilities as they should, and their children suffer. We have jobless parents who can’t pay their rent and bills. Alcohol and drug addictions. We have to work much harder at helping one another, and setting good examples to be much better people than we are now.

  • Kim

    I have no sympathy for this “guy “. I hope he rots in hell. Props to the older father though for reporting it. You probably saved those kids lives.

  • Thelma Jackson

    I hope inmates find out he’s a child abuser and gets linked around like a wench he is. Hope the mom takes mandatory anti abuse and domestic violence counseling before CPS releases the children to her custody. She might have known the children had been abused but failed to take action. Were was she during the house fire? At a night club some where tweaking her butt off? She needs counseling and supervised visits.

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