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Girl, 14, stabs sister 40 times because she felt unappreciated

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(CNN) — An 11-year-old Illinois girl was stabbed 40 times by her 14-year-old sister, police say, and the reason why has many in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein reeling in disbelief.

Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the dwelling Tuesday morning. She later died.

Because the sister, who called police, initially told officers an intruder was to blame for the attack, authorities briefly placed three schools on lockdown.

The truth, when it emerged, was even more shocking.

The 14-year-old, authorities say, repeatedly and fatally stabbed the victim — her half sister — with a kitchen knife because the teen thought she was ungrateful.

“This incident is a heartbreaking tragedy that defies understanding,” said Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz. “I am asking the Chicagoland area, please pray for us. Pray, first of all, for the family that has been devastated by this.”

A group called “Mundelein Moms” is raising money for the girl’s funeral and said it raised $6,381 in just one day. There also is an effort to have residents leave their lights on Friday night in remembrance.

Intruder in the house

Police received a 911 call about the incident at 8:30 a.m Tuesday. The call came from the 14-year-old girl, said Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther.

The teen told emergency dispatchers that an intruder had barged into the home, attacked her sister and then fled, CNN affiliate WLS reported.

Schools in area were immediately placed on lockdown, Guenther said.

“The area-wide school lockdown lasted only 15 minutes,” he said.

But the teen’s story unraveled quickly. Under police questioning, she admitted to the attack, authorities said.

Feeling unappreciated

The teen told police she was mad that her sister didn’t appreciate all she did for her, prosecutors said at the suspect’s detention hearing Wednesday. WLS was at the hearing.

The teen said she cooked dinner for her younger sibling and performed other chores. She was also angry that the 11-year-old girl had recently hit her.

The night before the attack, the teen thought about it for about 10 or 15 minutes, then went downstairs and grabbed a knife, according to prosecutors.

After the stabbing, she took a shower to wash off the blood, called police and made up the story about the intruder, prosecutors said.

The 14-year-old was arrested and was charged with murder.

The case is in juvenile court and a decision could be made in the future to move the case to adult court, the Lake County State Attorney’s Office said.

Playing together

Those who knew the girls said they lived at the home with their mother. Neighbors said the siblings seemed close.

The girls were often seen playing together and practicing cheerleading routines, WLS reported.

“They would always be together,” Mary Ann Gryder, a neighbor told the affiliate.

“The older one would be taking care of the younger one, and vice versa.”


    • Sheabee

      why does it matter where the mom was? she’s a 14 year old girl. you can babysit at 12. curious as to why this matters even remotely? furthermore, why are you only asking about the mother? why not where the father was? are you implying that parenting, nary bad parenting according to you, lies solely in the mother’s hands?

    • Sarah

      Maybe mom was at work?! Stupid obvious question that is always the first one asked. It’s not against the law or unheard of to leave a 11 yr old and 14 yr old home alone together.

    • kathy

      there is more then just the MOM… ask next time where the parents are… not just the MOM… it takes 2 to raise children and to make them not just the mom

    • sw31

      Ban knives? I’m sorry, but that’s ludicrous. Why not scissors, nails, or anything and all things sharp? It’s extremely unfortunate and devastating. Obviously the child had issues no one caught onto. We can blame the instruments that caused the devastation, or be reasonable and blame the individual(s) that caused it. After all, knives, guns, weapons, don’t get up and walk around killing people.

      • wj2

        settle down…pretty sure that was sarcasm, or that guy is just crazy, either way no need to write a novel in response to that dude.

      • Dennis

        THIS IS A SAD STORY!!!! I have to comment on James Madison comment” (stupid suggestions and ideas wont make life any better!!!!)

    • IDIOTIC.

      Ban knives because they kill people? FISTS can kill people as well.. So let’s all just cut our hands off too.

    • Sabirahpayneboss

      This sad and CRAZY…she seems add if she frustrated n had to consume aalot r going thru something traumatic n snapped out

  • des

    Agree with the others. Where was the mother, is not a question. They were plenty old enough to stay home alone. The question is? Did this come out of no where or has the 14 year old shown signs of mental illness in the past?

  • Heatherae

    This 14 yr. old is obviously incredibly unstable. Kids don’t plot out murdering their siblings & then follow through; especially over something so frivolous. I pray that this young girl gets the mental help that she needs & that the mother can find peace… As she has now lost 2 daughters! Sad story.

  • CairParevel

    my face when those two people were fighting over the “where is the mother” thing but not commenting at all on the whole “oh im a 14 year old girl that just murdered my 11 year old sister, plotted the murder, thought of an excuse and would have most likely gotten away with it if i didnt say anything to the police” .-.

  • YingYang

    Wow, what is going on with the kids and teens of this generation? Too much killing being done by kids, like they are becoming heartless.

  • Jg

    Horrible. Sad. Unthinkable. My sympathies to the family.The question i would like to know is, “was she medicated?” 90% of child murders are.

  • Anastasia

    So sad. And asking where was the mother is not such a bad question. I don’t mean on that day particularly, but on a regular basis. These days, there seems to be to much lack of parenting, and to many parent/parents relying on medications. Also, to many single parent families; I know many will disagree, but families need to be families with both parents in the home again. And while I know a single parent can be, in many cases, a good parent (my own daughter is a single parent of two), most families have a better chance when there are two responsible adults living together. However, having said that…this case makes me think the girl has watched a Lizzie Borden movie recently. And I don’t mean that to be funny at all. It just seems weird that she stabbed the sister 40 times and then gave the story of an intruder in the home, so…who knows. And, I know, in the case of Lizzie Borden, there were two parents in the home, and still there was a likely homicide on the daughter’s part. And, there was obviously bad parenting in that home too. This world is just going crazy, and the less we teach ‘family’ values the worse it gets!!

    • S

      The key is spending quality time with your children and teaching them morals and values. Also not putting adult responsibilities on children, this stresses them out. They are not equipped to handle stress the way adults are, and truth is most adults can’t handle stress well either. Whether there are two parents or one doesn’t matter. I was raised in a single family home, I am very successful and well aware of how to conduct myself because I was well raised. Sometimes having a man in the house is like having only one parent any way, because some of them are useless. I just feel so sorry for their mother.

  • LetsBclear

    Too many responsibilities are being put on our young ones. The children are raising each other. Adults, you must know this but fail to act.

  • Idiotic.

    Ban knives because they kill people? FISTS can kill people as well.. So let’s all just cut our hands off too.

  • Not You

    This is what happens America when you drug your kids and don’t keep a watchful eye. For those of you all upset over the question “where was the mother” for your information, do you know the stats on single parents in 2014. It is staggering!! Kids having kids. Kids babysitting kids. Kids cooking for kids. What do you think is going to happen. I bet mom isn’t a day over 32. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

    Our country perpetuates this behavior by rewarding it. Can’t afford a kid? No worries we’ll make your neighbors pay for it. Can’t spank your kid? Well don’t be surprised when you have a spoiled rotten kid that has no FEAR of his parents.

    Oh and yes I said FEAR. Remember the saying….”You wait till your father gets home!!” You don’t think that was meant for the fear factor? C’mon people. Kids don’t need more friends, they need diciplinary parents for them to learn to grow, do the right thing, and if you dont’ there are SERIOUS consenquences. Do I purport abuse? Of course not. Do I beleive a rap upside a kids head is abuse? NO! It’s a requirement of parenting. And yes bleeding hearts, I know you were never hit and you turned out fine. Glad it worked for you, but it doesn’t work for most.

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