Cory Feerick sentenced for theft of flushing valves

Cory Feerick

Cory Feerick

WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) — A man accused of stealing flushing valves from toilets and urinals in public restrooms has been sentenced.

For nearly four months, police from several departments were investigating multiple thefts of flushing valves from toilets and urinals in public restrooms. Cory Feerick of Brookfield reportedly stole roughly $35,000 worth of the devices.

According to the criminal complaint, Feerick targeted fast food restaurants and college campuses. Flushing valves have been nabbed from MATC, Waukesha County Technical College, ITT Technical Institute, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University.

Feerick was arrested after a tip from a Milwaukee salvage yard worker led Brookfield and UW-Milwaukee police to him.

Police believe Feerick sold the flushing valves at a Milwaukee salvage yard using someone else’s ID to get the money. Thus, he was also charged with identity theft.

Feerick was sentenced to 60 days in jail with work release privileges in Waukesha County.

He is also facing two years of probation in Milwaukee County.

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