Milwaukee to begin accepting applications for taxi permits

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Applicants for one of 100 new taxicab vehicle permits that are being made available will be able to take the first steps in the city’s new licensing process beginning Monday, February 3rd at the License Division of the Milwaukee City Clerk’s Office. 

Legislation passed in November established the new system for taxi licensing, which includes more stringent requirements for taxi service quality and increases the limit on the number of cab licenses from 320 to 420.

If more than 100 “Intent to Apply” forms are received by the February 28, 2014 deadline, a lottery drawing will be held to determine which applicants will be allowed to proceed in the process.

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  • Tim

    These 100 permits are meaningless. The crony capitalist city hall has put in a provision in the law that will will force these new permit holders to work for an existing monopoly. The city should get rid of the cap. Let the free market prevail. Hopefully constitutional freedom to earn an honest living will prevail and the city’s attempt to protect established business interests will fail.

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