West Allis police detective dies after giving birth to twins

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WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Officials with the West Allis Police Department say Detective Stacie Napoli died suddenly on Monday, February 17th, due to complications from child-birth -- she delivered twins who are doing well.

Napoli, 39, was a detective in the Sensitive Crimes Unit -- and a 17-year veteran of the West Allis Police Department. On Tuesday, the police department and community are now trying to deal with the tragedy.

"When you start with somebody you just expect to retire with them," said Lt. Jessica Johnson.

Even since March 1997, Lt. Johnson has worked side-by-side with Det. Napoli.

"Her career meant so much to her. Stacie was, she was my go to person. Whenever I had to think through something strategically, Stacie was the one that I went to," said Johnson.

During that time Napoli would get married -- and this year, she was pregnant with twins.

"We were all so very excited. We wanted to share that joy and we did the share the joy. So when she went into labor early at 27 weeks we knew that there was a risk," said Johnson.

On Monday, Napoli delivered the twins early.

"The children are Ellie and Parker. Ellie was born at 2 pounds 4 ounces and Parker was born at 1 pound 15 ounces," said Johnson.

Soon after they were born, Napoli passed away.

On Tuesday, West Allis Mayor Dan Devine had the city's flags lowered to half-staff in Napoli's honor.

"Heartbreaking seems like an understatement. Tragedy seems like an understatement," said Devine.

Napoli was also a veteran who served in Iraq, earning the Bronze Star.

Funeral arrangements for Napoli have not been finalized. In the meantime, a fund has been established to assist the twins' father and the twins during this time. CLICK HERE if you would like to donate.

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  • Heather N.

    This story hits incredibly close to home. I can only imagine what a hard time this family is having. My thoughts and prayers go out to all this is effecting.

    • Brian

      Leslie- You may want to contact the West Allis Police Department regarding your question. The agency’s non-emergency phone number is: (414) 302-8000.

    • anon.

      There has been an outpouring of condolences and support for members of the Police Department as well as family and friends of Stacie. All is greatly appreciated! We have also been receiving numerous inquiries about donations. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Stacie Napoli’s family;

      Please make checks payable to:

      Community Improvement Foundation
      Memo: In Memory of Stacie Napoli

      Checks should be sent to:
      West Allis Police Department
      C/O Captain Steve Beyer
      11301 W. Lincoln Av.
      West Allis, WI 53227

    • renee

      @Leslie… Save the money you would use to buy individual baby items and maybe rather write a check to the family or give gift card. That would probably best serve them and there will be no need to keep storage of donated items. Just my opinion. Your wish to donate is very much appreciated, I am sure.

  • Cynthia

    Not really the time to analyze what one does or does not get in time of need. It takes speaking out and asking for help to get such a fund. Understand as its all so fresh as it was just today there is an appropriate time to speak on something you feel and now is not applicable.

  • A.r.

    Defently one of the sweetest cops i have ever met.truly this saddens me.a true loss to the city of West Allis.my sympathy goes out to everyone who knew Staci.

  • Okachan

    Wow, so if an opinion doesn’t agree with the masses you remove it? There was nothing inappropriate with the removed comment it was just the antithesis to the existing comments. Wow…I agree with the person who had their comment taken off! People die in child birth all the time and the surviving usually don’t get help or funds set up for the child(ren)!

    • Ken

      Maybe there should be funds set up whenever a mother dies in childbirth, but to deny setting up a fund for someone just because they are not set up anytime this happens is ludicrous.Setting up a fund for her children considering what this person did for the children of others is entirely appropriate.

  • Tim

    As one person who had a part in hiring Stac and working with her, she was an outstanding individual. Not only a true pro sessional but also one of the most wonderful persons I have had the pleasure to know. One angel has returned to heaven but left us with two new angels. So long for now Stac, see you again in the future.

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