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Is Wisconsin ready for the legalization of marijuana?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON (WITI) — A Democratic Wisconsin representative has introduced a bill into the state Assembly to legalize marijuana.

The bill has attracted six Democratic co-sponsors.

LRB 3671 would legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes in Wisconsin.

Rep. Melissa Sargent says the bill is a good start to bringing a policy we’ve seen implemented in Colorado and Washington State to Wisconsin.

“After researching this issue extensively, I believe that this bill will benefit Wisconsin and its citizens in many ways, including: addressing racial disparities in arrests, providing medical benefits, time and cost savings to law enforcement, and additional revenue for the state,” Rep. Sargent stated in a press release posted on her website.

What do you think? Is Wisconsin ready for the legalization of marijuana?

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    • NORML

      I think we need to find more ways to bring money to the state, and this is one of them. Also by lowering the crime rate through legalizing marijuana we are not paying to house “criminals” who are in jail or prison for marijuana. Yes some people take it way too far with the large quantities but legalization of marijuana will lower this problem as well. It could bring in more jobs and possibly get more people involved with higher education in engineering, botany, chemical engineering, and many other degrees that would benefit other areas of life. I think more teens would go to school instead of skipping, even though they should not be smoking, but I believe it would keep delinquency down and help with more kids studying. Not to mention all the medicinal qualities it has to help comfort those in their final days, helping people with eating disorders on both sides of the fence, psychological disorders, anger issues, and many, many other issues including pain (which would help lower the need for pain pills that cause many to doing heroin or overdosing on pain pills themselves, and the crimes of robberies, domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect, and other crimes committed by junkies in need of a “fix”). I think there are many more up sides than downsides. People do need to be careful when using marijuana especially if they plan on driving throughout the day, but unlike alcohol I think that marijuana is safer when used and driving compared to alcohol consumption. People who text and drive would and do cause more problems when driving so driving concerns should be pointed at cell use more so than marijuana use, but they all need to be monitored still. Marijuana can cause people to be lazy and smoking is bad for your health regardless, but I think it is still better than drinking, smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, and all other drugs out there. People are going to find marijuana one way or another and as a billion dollar enterprise annually, why not get that money rolling into the community to use for outreach programs, better schooling systems, meals and jobs for vets and disabled people, and so many more important things our society needs. Marijuana can even be made into edibles or oils which can be taken orally so it is safe for children and eventually there will be strains that do not contain the psychoactive parts of marijuana that makes you feel high, making it safer for children and can be given to those who do not want to feel high. Also strains could be made with more Anandamide or traits like it that help to improve memory, healthy eating habits, and many other improvements the body could use.

  • Wisconsin Teapot Party

    If that was the case and this was a matter of which is worse for you or more debilitating then alcohol would be illegal and cannabis would be legal. The FACT is that cannabis is very mild compared to alcohol or prescription drugs, the two most used and abused substances in this country, and cannabis IS NOT a cancer causing agent like tobacco. You’re argument doesn’t hold up if it’s a matter of which causes people to be more ‘impaired’ or damaged physically.

  • Wisconsin Teapot Party

    I can honestly say that cannabis was the ONLY thing that worked for me when I went through cancer treatment, my doctors told me they tried every option that they had, and still the only thing that worked was cannabis. This isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s FACT, cannabis is a legitimate medicine for a number of ailments, withholding it from those in need is inhumane and plain illogical, unscientific.
    I hope your mom feels better soon, I know that pain! B.A. WiTPP

  • Damian

    There is no doubt that the taxes collected for pot would help out this state. Perhaps we would have the additional revenue to fund our schools paying teachers better wages and oh yes I’m sure there would be enough left over to repair our roadways. I also have to say that it really does have medicinal value to people who need it especially cancer patients. We all know that legalizing pot will put a big damper on illegal pot sales and crime so why not legalize it, collect the taxes and do something good with the tax proceeds. Pot is much safer than alcohol or tobacco.

  • Waltet A Carter III

    I am currently facing prison time because i grew my own medijuana for my own purposes. And i am being persecuted, like an armed robber or murderer for just taking care of my body, spirit and mind like i should have the right too. Me being an african american has a major part in my case as well and i just hope that it is legalized and decriminalized for all people, ages and races cause we have a GOD givin right too grow any and every seed of this earth that we are blessed to have. It will save childrens lives and make those that need medicine not have to worry about how the will be able to pay for a pill when they can grow the medicine themselves. And create jobs that we so need in wisconsin.

    • Joann

      Marjuana is biggest SAFE than Alocohol I notice alcohol has been not pay attention road and killed. Marijuana is biggest safe road ever and good relax for their health problem or mood swing for women need than to relax

  • Lisa Miller

    Second hand alcohol kills way more people than any second hand smoke. I can’t understand how alcohol is legal and pot is not.

  • Jason Lankford

    I don’t know whom you’re referring to, but I’ve smoked for years and have been a successful loan officer for over 10 years AND ran my own marketing company for 3 years! (unfortunately closed due to economy) so where in this do you see “lazy” or “sneaky” or anything else you stated us “smokers” do? Sounds like to me you’re just messing with the wrong people!

    • Wisconsin Teapot Party

      Not to worry Jason, most people that have objectivity whatsoever realize that this tired old stereotype is just Reefer Madness nonsense; meanwhile, we hear about presidents that smoked weed, football players, all walks of life, successful people that don’t want strong debilitating substances. People are much more apt to be lazy and withdrawn by drinking or using narcotics or alcohol than by using cannabis.

  • Jeff

    If Wisconsin is really “open for business” then we should legalize marijuana. It is safer than alchol, millions of people already use it with no signs of stopping and prohibition DOES NOT WORK!

  • Judge

    Trust me, if pot is taxed, other taxes will not go down. They will just find something else on which to use the money.

    • Jason

      Yes Judge you are probably correct about the taxes not going away but the revenue collected could be used for new infrastructure most certainly. Also, people will use marijuana whether it is legal or not so wouldn’t just make sense to regulate the growing process and the govt to collect the proceeds or have the same proceeds end up in the hands of the cartels or drug dealers

    • Everett

      yeah, i agree judge, make it legal and don’t tax it! By the way, do you want to see the list of the other things the government regulates. Cars, Airplanes, Trains, Boats, Bicycles, Shoes, Pants, Socks, Chewing Gum, do you want me to continue smeghead or is my point sufficiently made. Regulate everything and get it over with stopping just at my groin. Now I am going to go play games and if I am lucky smoke a fatty ;).

  • Wisconsin Teapot Party

    Jeana, please, this is just simply not factual: “Smoking it can cause Cancer and second hand smoke can give others Cancer and irritate those with Asthma, Autism, COPD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and many other illnesses and disorders.”
    Please provide any legitimate evidence that this is true, there has NEVER been any proven connection between cannabis and cancer. Yes, any kind of smoke may irritate people that are already sensitive to it, but the FACT is that many people who use cannabis medicinally don’t even smoke it, they vaporize it or eat it, etc, so that whole argument falls off completely.
    I’ll be interested to see ANY true scientific studies that prove cannabis cures cancer, I won’t hold my breath waiting for it (because it DOES NOT EXIST!)

  • Annanonnmouse

    Well said and there is even more reasons as to NOT legalize this federally illegal substance. My Son as well as My Ex Fiance’ smoked this junk and there was a huge comparison to those I know that didn’t have ADHD or other mental related sympoms in which cannabis caused my Son and Fiance’ to have a Jekyl and Hyde effect until it was completely out of thier system. When out of their system they were the most calm, caring, empathetic, resposible and generous individuals you could ever know! On those friends that did it without any type of ADHD or other issues, they didn’t have any effects on their lives, their work, their personalities ect… I have done so much reseach on this topic because it really did a number on my Son before he went into his beloved Marine Corps. which straghted that out clearly. As for my ex Fiance’ and the offs and ons as well as all of the empty promises to stay off! Well that pretty much doomed the only relationship I have ever had, that I considered my soulmate for life. But after so many chances, the hardest thing I had to do one day when it came to us, was I just didn’t answer the door and moved before he could or would stop by again. It was a waste and a shame to leave behind something so wonderful and beatiful that others would try to copy, but couldn’t because it was real! But when he was smoking, he was angry, moody, unpredictable and irresponsible and not the man I fell in love with at all! I was not willing to through heartache after heartache over empty promises to stay away from the stuff once an for all, that he had promised me too many times to count. He also started this awful hacking cough and snoring, that later turned into lung and heart issues because of Marijuana. Not good and I won’t ever get involed with another, no matter what! If this is their chioce for dealing with life.

    • Wisconsin Teapot Party

      That’s fairly ridiculous, what you’re talking about is people with mental issues using a mind-altering substance, that is NOT the same as people responsibly using cannabis in moderation, HUGE difference. If you really did your homework OBJECTIVELY you would see that cannabis does not cause mental health problems, or cancer, or any of the rest of those disproven old stereotypes.

    • jay

      Hey bud that doesn’t sound like pot. its sounds like K-2 also known as synthetic pot. or maybe even heroin. people don’t act like that just on pot or coming down off pot. its somethinng far deeper than pot that you need to address. know the symptoms of each drug before you comment on something that is better to legalize than the other garbage out on the steets or in pharmaceutical basis’ thanks

    • Josh

      It sounds like you husband might have had some mental health issues. Marijuana has been medicially proven to help counter-balance these kinds of issues, and he might have been smoking when you thought he was clean, and vice-versa.

      In studies with bi-polar patients, marijuana is proven to help most patients live more stabile lives.

  • Devin

    If this gets legalized then Wisconsin will see more tax money coming in. This will help us a lot as to putting it towards better stuff then jailing people that do nothing wrong at all.

  • lawrence

    Keep it illegal so drug dealers can keep reaping the benefits of selling a drug that is relatively safe.

  • Amy mowery

    We need this to be legal. Other state have it why not wisconsin.I know a lot of people that would benifet for it with medical reasons . I have severe anxioty and stress they say it helps people so let’s get this in wisconsin so people don’t have to suffer any more

  • timothy kratwell

    me having adhd bipolar and insomnia can attest that while i smoked marijuana it helped me in numerous ways while trazadone limictil and adderall just hurt me keeping me awake losing weight and makeing irrational decisions on a moments notice while smoking my overactive brain calms down giving me the clarity to think before i act and doesnt keep me awake at night like the amphetamine did it also helps with my depression in this way im happy when i smoke being on probation atm i cant and its hard to cope with daily life tasks when my mind races 100 miles a minute also i have lost weight again being that i have no appetite yes in some cases it can cause anger like the female above stated with her ex fiance and son but that is with any substance take away cigarrettes from a smoker and u get anger and rash thoughts same with an alcoholic or any other addiction but saying t was just because they smoked without proof is stubborn think bout it this way and in no way am i trying to offend but the son went to the military good thats something to be very proud of to protect our freedom. the fiances after story is yet to be ascertained but maybe it was the female who made them mad her son is gone away and hes happy her fiance is gone and shes sad but i bet hes happy. to me it is all about how you take it and if you let the substance control you or not. im for the bill. as is 90 percent of those who did vote jobs would open up roads fixed money would actually go back to the people instead of beig put into the pockets of self centered power hungry politicians. crime would lessen. cause ive never heard of someone being stoned and hurting someone intentionally. neither have i heard of it affecting someone who is driving because when your stoned all you wanna do is eat and have fun while sitting on the couch after a hard days work

  • Doodle

    I know if I could buy weed legal from a store I would rather do that than buy it off the street from a dealer. So much safer!

  • Ying Yang

    I’m a veteran of Iraq. I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I was given all the legal prescription drugs. None of them helped. All they did was make me feel foggy and dull. Since I started smoking marijuana, I have been able to feel more focused. Not to mention, I am no longer as angry and strict with my family. I am able to relax and not feel that there is an enemy outside my door at all times. On marijuana, I can finally have peace. Legalize it!

  • You Know

    How about you work on the Reciprocity Agreement with Minnesota first? Unless you plan on using the drug money to pay them…which I’m cool with.

  • Just me..

    I’m ok with it for medical reasons, but nothing more. Sorry, you feel your way about it and i feel mine.

  • TrueSconny

    Marijuana being legalized will take majority of criminal activity away from the herbal plant. Time to end the prohibition and lies. The Benefits outweigh the negatives by leaps and bounds. The people of Wisconsin have spoken.

  • The Truth

    Half of you people preach so hard about the medical benefits knowing that you don’t even care about it. You just want it for personal use. I personally do not smoke marijuana but I agree that the legalization would help generate funds for the state. Just as long as it’s smoked inside your OWN HOME I’m fine with it because I do not want to be smelling it or smelling like it.

    PS. I know cigarettes are worse for you so don’t comment your idiotic copy paste speech about marijuana vs cigarettes.

    • Josh

      You’ve very obviously don’t support marijuana at all, based on your tone. You seem to be one of those people that would rather just go with the inevitable, rather than voice your own, TRUE opinion. While I respect “going with the flow”, it doesn’t require you coming here insulting other people by using statements such as:

      “PS. I know cigarettes are worse for you so don’t comment your idiotic copy paste speech about marijuana vs cigarettes.”

      These kinds of posts should, quite honestly, be deleted for the sheer fact of lack of courtesy to others. Thankfully for you, these types of discussions are generally uncensored, and unmoderated.

  • greg

    Just remember that smoking marijuana is not the only way to take this medicine. There are many other ways to ingest marijuana such as vapor inhalers and food products too. So people who are subject to no smoking rules can enjoy the benefits of Marijuana too.

  • Dave Terpstra

    Excessive alcohol use is responsible for about 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost in the United States each year.1 Excessive alcohol use cost the US economy $223.5 billion, or $1.90 a drink, in 2006, $0.80 of which was paid by governments.


    Marijuana is SAFER than Alcohol.

    Tell that to the 40,000 people killed by drunks last year Emily.

  • Ryan

    To bad marihuana isn’t as useful as Viagra and breast implants, and all of the other useless implants people get for cosmetic purposes. Doctors waste so much time doing useless procedures with real health consequences. How does the governor feel about Viagra and breast implants. How do female doctors feel about these issues also. I am tired of the males point of views. Most males would recommend any poison to enlarge a prostate or a breast, but God forbid a plant, to treat real illness!

  • Ryan

    To bad marihuana isn’t as useful as Viagra and breast implants, and all of the other useless implants people get for cosmetic purposes. Doctors waste so much time doing useless procedures with real health consequences. How does the governor feel about Viagra and breast implants. How do female doctors feel about these issues also. I am tired of the males point of views. Most males would recommend any poison to enlarge a prostate or a breast, but God forbid a plant, to treat real illness!

    • Josh

      Not to mention all the stuff that goes into our food and water supply. Might wanna be careful the next time you eat something that says “natural ingrediant” or “nature flavor”.

  • Josh

    It would also help keep our jail and prison systems reserved for those that truly deserve it, like pedophiles, murders, and other CRIMINALS. I’d rather deal with a pothead than an alcoholic anyday.

  • Josh

    I totally agree. You obviously have done your homework. I’d also like to add that this same “war” on drugs has not only taken tax payer money, but also makes us suffer as a direct result. Unsatisfactory roads are a common issue where I live, jails are at max capacity at times, and all of this is supposed to come from tax payer dollars.

    Think of how legalization in the State of Wisconsin could also help our national debt! If marijuana was sold like a pack of cigarettes (20 joints per pack) for $40… that’s cheaper than street price! People would jump on the chance, and if $5 of every pack went to national debt, well then, it would definately help, especially if other states take a hint from us.

    Marijuana has absolutely positive effects, and is 100% safer than alcohol. Maybe it’s all time that we stand up to Corporate America and the pharmaceutical companies, and say that we’ve had enough.

    • Geoff

      Even if it is leglized how would you stand on the workforce would you still have a test for it how would it create more jobs if no one can pass a drug test

    • Angela

      I feel Marijuana should be legalized for patients of Cancer and other life threatening diseases that would benefit from the plant. Although I don’t see it happening in Wisconsin. Yes it wouldn’t benefit the job Market because of the drug testing. Unless they have a limit of how much can be in there system. How do the police officers determine how much is in an everyday pot smoker. Since its in a persons body up to thirty days thats what I don’t get.

  • Eddie

    According to reports, it would take 800 joints to kill a person—but the cause of death would be carbon monoxide poisoning.NOT LIVER

    The effect alcohol has on the body, including complications from heavy drinking: fatty liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis.

  • Damon

    Wow, I can see more people on unemployment, thieves, welfare, homeless, and so on if this crappie is passed. If some people are in so much pain then go to a doctor, that’s what we have Obama Care for lol. What a joke!!!!!!!!

    • Da merv

      Marijuana is a lot safer than pills. And plus, pills have side effects where marijuana doesn’t. You will not find a SINGLE DEATH anywhere that shows a human being smoking too much pot. You can’t get addicted and no it doesn’t kill brain cells or cause lung cancer. There’s nothing in THC that makes you want to experience more. That’s just being ignorant. Watch the documentary, the union. Making this drug illegal just shows how much this government only cares about power. It has so many purposes than just to smoke it, it can be used to make textile products, over 5,000. Fun fact, the first couple of pages of the constitution is written on hemp paper. Don’t be ignorant.

  • Mmmatt

    If we legalize Cannabis;
    Big Pharma would loose money to people self-medicating with Cannabis
    Local Law Enforcement looses some funding and gobs of money from confiscation.
    Privatized prisons would loose inmates that cost the state thousands per year per inmate.
    Drug organizations that are largely funded by illegal Cannabis sales will suffer the biggest hit and make it harder for them to sell other, more dangerous drugs.
    By controlling the sales like alcohol, we make it far harder for kids to obtain it.
    By regulating its production, we can better guarantee a safe product.
    We can FINALLY start talking about responsible use instead of just abstinence.

    A few little known facts about Cannibis users:
    Most pot smokers don’t use other illegal drugs
    Most consume less than 4 grams per week (a single cigarette is 1 gram of tobacco)
    Pot smokers use less prescription medication

    Based on dea confiscation statistics, and what they feel is getting past them, vs typical usage amounts and our countries population, there is roughly 20% of our population that is using Cannabis! Everyone reading this knows people who smoke pot. Most pot smokers use it responsibly and just don’t advertise it because it is unjustifiably illegal. It isn’t just musicians and kids with dreadlocks wearing patchwork pants calling everyone Brah!

      • Ben smith

        Look it up gig. All the facts are there. Know how to get rid of the violence involving pot? Legalize it. See any street dealers selling booze or beer? No you dont! Know why?? It’s legal. It’s not 1930 any more gramps. Legalize it and the criminal element goes away. That simple. Sorry your generation is so brainwashed.

  • Duel

    I would like to see marijuana legalized for a multitude of reasons. For starter I have goals to join the military, as well as someday attempting to complete my doctorate. Unfortunately as is currently stands I am considered unelligable for these positions all because I close to use the healthy alternative to alcohol. I have had this conversation with a lot of people, and the primary arguments for the opposition are propaganda and saying “what about the consequences?” do people not realize that the only consequences associated with marijuana are legal ramifications.

  • Ryan

    The fact that the American government has multiple patents on methods of growing and strains of marijuana should prove that they acknowledge it as a medicine and are just looking to cash in on the drug war a while longer, the fact that we spend two times as much money on the war on drugs as we do on education makes me sick

  • Lorelei

    I have suffered from a multitude of documented sever cronic pain issue they can not fix only treat not mention the ptsd, depression and insomnia. In the past decade I lost count of surgical procedures iv had. All the different pills and doctors nothing works. Except pot. If we lived in ‘a green state’ I would have a script in a hot second. Instead just so I can run my house and raise my kids while my husband works 3rd shift in a plastic factory, I risk the government telling my son’s mommy’s a criminal. Yeah ok

  • Cydnee

    Tell me this how many people have been killed by alcohol, how many people have died from cigarettes and 2nd hand smoking of cigarettes? Now tell me if you know of a person who has died off of too much weed? Legal or not people are gonna smoke the reefer mine as well make it legal it aint hurtin no one.

  • ForThePeopleNotThemselves

    Generally speaking, most people against marijuana know only the statistics that the fear mongering Gov’t wants them to know, and not the true facts. lets face it until there is true transparency in studies published about the effects of marijuana nothing will change, which makes this a very sad time to live for anyone whose life would benefit from this natural substance but cant for the fear of losing a job, getting in legal trouble and being labeled a criminal.

  • legalize it

    A roommate of mine in college suffered from numerous health issues including asthma, brain tumors and chronic migraines to name a few. She smoked cannsbis on a regular basis to help control the pain and help her appetite. She graduated at the top of her class and was feeling great. Unfortunatley sge gad to stop to be able to pass drug tests and get a job. The pain is now making it impossible for her to work anyway and leaving her unable to even be in public. Why should she be denied a plant that obviously helped her greatly and given pharmaceuticals that cause horrible side effects and do not help nearly as much as cannabis?

  • woody

    Let’s get a jump on the hemp industry !! We have the land and the farmers wanting to plant something they will make money from

  • todd cornell

    if pot was legall their would be a lower crime rate because people wont be ruing around hideing and fighting to get it and more people be home with their familey and not behind bars for smoking somthing that grows in nater

  • Gigi Willding-Pregent

    Might want to check your statement out. Traffic accidents for sure. Fungus in the lungs that kill . I have a friend who died from it. How many more impaired drivers? No different than Booze and driving. For Medical Use. Yes!!!

    • Lynne

      Gigi, you took the words out of my mouth. We know there will be impaired drivers. How will this free up cops? Will it affect auto insurance rates? Medicinal only. Wait a year for these states to see if it hasn’t become a nightmare.

      • No such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people who ask them.

        HAHAHAHAHA! Amazing story, would be an even better book! Just do what CO does and use the revenue to go to the public schools. Works well here.

    • chris treakle

      Sorry about your friend but your friend who died from marijuana lied to you and she was using other drugs because a plant that has been smoked from the start of time hasn’t killed anyone and unless it is laced or being used with something else it never will and I’m not talking about traffic accidents because it definitely does affect your judgement but smoke marijuana at home will not hurt anyone actually it expands lung capacity so it will help my point is marijuana by it self will not kill anyone unless you smoke marijuana then drive

    • Ben smith

      No one has died from pot buddy. Cigarettes yes…but you don’t mind that being sold do ya….drink once and a while? Kills many. Point is you can die walking your doggy. Better make that a crime too.

  • Esty

    It bring joyous tears to my eyes to see all the positive things you are all saying about marijuana

  • Patrick Cain


    I don’t remember the last time I had to smoke my prescription…

    If people want this legalized for its “medical” purposes, okay fine, but treat it as such. Behind the counter at pharmacies in pill form.

    • Kevin M

      It already is behind your counter in pill form in some states, it’s called Marinol. Don’t believe me look it up. Plus, more thank likely a med. marij. patient would use a vaporizer then eat their medicine. Plus, last time I checked this is “suppose” to be a “free” country. I have the right to do whatever I want to my own body, and if you don’t like it then don’t come in my house.

    • Jennifer

      Medicine is only in pill form….we better get rid of all the atomizers etc. Medicine is given in many forms, and the THC from marijuana can be delivered in many forms besides smoking. Vaporizers, pill form, eating etc. I used to have to take Vicodin 5/500 pills 3x per day or more because of Chronic pain, I now take NONE because I chose to use the medicinal value of THC in Marijuana. Not only does this eliminate the use of an opiate (same thing as in heroin) it also will add to the health of my liver due to the excessive amounts of Tylenol I used to have to take. If you don’t understand something educate yourself before spouting ignorant statements. Open your mind to the possibilities for other people even if your not directly effected.

    • Ben smith

      It can be consumed many ways you ignorant fool. Obviously you don’t know what your talking about.

  • jesus

    If tobacco/nicotine can be legal which actually harms and kills people then marijuana can deff. Be legal. Marijuana helps in many different ways. Ex. cancer, body pains arthritis, helps people sleep better at might etc. It’ll just help the government make more money aswell rather then cracking people down and most likely doing nothing with such beautiful pot.
    Name one person that has died off Maryjuana!… don’t worry I’ll wait

  • John G Williams

    Wouldn’t have a problem legalizing it… IF

    (and that’s a BIG if, because it seems many of the government folks must be lushes or know a lot of drunks…)

    Wisconsin would pass laws that actually STOPPED people from driving drunk! Can you imagine how many wrong way drivers we would have if folks could get high AND drunk?

    • Ben smith

      Driving high is nothing like driving g drunk. And don’t fool yourself, people who smoke and drink prob do both and drive anyway. I don’t condone under the influence driving and really that’s not the topic here.

  • Kyle Alfonse

    I am a major supporter of a bill that would allow at least medical marijuana. As a former resident of Montana (where I held a “green card”) marijuana helped my depression to the point where I was able to eliminate over $1000 a month in prescription medication. I still smoke for depression and it works better for me than any combination of man made prescription ever has

  • Lance

    I have been dealing with depression for several years now. Ever since my mom died of cancer. I’ve tried several different things including meds and other things such as finding hobbies. The only thing that has been able to even remotely help with my depression has been marijuana. I really hope that Wisconsin legalizes marijuana soon. Then i wont have to worry about not getting a job just because marijuana has been the only thing to help me.

  • Angela

    I believe Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes and taking that and applying to recreational legalization. God put pot on this planet for a reason. Every eatable plant, every tree and animal and humans have a reason to be here. Pot is included I bet most people would stop drinking alcohol and switch to pot at least if it were legal.

  • AC

    Our tax money is being spent to put people in jail for smoking pot. That is criminal. The government should not be taking people’s freedom away because they chose to smoke pot. Driving while intoxicated, sure that is a crime for good reason, but using pot on your own time in the privacy of your home? Sorry, but it is morally reprehensible to arrest people for this. Medical condition or not. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, and put an end to refer madness.

  • Daily cannabis smoker

    Alright, I have depression, and I get awful migraines on a daily basis. When I smoke weed, I feel happy and calm and it helps get rid of my migraine.. I’m against any type of pill. I hate them. So I tried weed and I love it and it’s not so much an addiction rather than I just love feeling happy and being around other people that are also happy. Legalize it. Don’t legalize it. It really won’t affect me or the people I’m around. And it’s probably gonna be expensive if legalized anyways

  • Judy

    Medical marijuana or cannabinoid oil is a great alternative for cancer patients who choose not to ruin their body with radiation or chemotherapy. A plant based diet mixed with cannabinoid oil consumption has shown to cure some cancers and stop growth of tumors.

  • MJB-Crim justice student

    The fact that marijuana is even considered a gateway drug as a defense in keeping it illegal, is wrong. The fact that marijuana is bought through the black market is how drug dealers can push harder drugs. Otherwise marijuana is as big of a gateway drug as alcohol and tobacco. But marijuana is still illegal, unlike opiate prescribed medicine which has a huge rate of addiction and can lead to heroin use a lot faster than smoking a joint. On a side note… I agree with the alcohol related violence> weed related violence comment that was made

  • MJB-Crim justice student

    Or we could talk about the research linking cannabis in the killing of cancer cells, that sounds like a positive side effect to me.

  • maddie

    Pots not the reason we have problems in our country, its the reason why taco bell and wendys is open late.

  • naya

    okay this is to who ever is going by The Truth…. how dear u sit there and think every one that is talking about how it can help for medical use u think its just that we want to sit back and get high that is not the case at all do u realize how many of us fight for a normal life because of the pain we are in or the mental problems that we have unless u know what u are talking about and why we do want it to be in our state don’t come on here acting like u are better then the rest of us how many deaths have there been from other drugs how many deaths from ppl drinking and driving how many deaths from ppl that OD off prescription drugs and then u get a plant that u have to do nothing too add nothing too that helps so many ppl in the long run… i wake up every morning in pain i am only 28 years old no 28 year old should be living like i do i go from day to day not knowing if im going to be able to get out of bed the next day because i can not move…. do u know how many times i have wanted to end everything because of how much pain i am in ever single day….. no u don’t!! so for u to come on here and say oh its just because ppl want to sit and get high that’s not the case 90% of the ppl on this page have medical problems just like mine and i will not sit here and say nothing while u are trying to basically say we are all nothing but ppl that want it to get high…. so shame on u before u say something why don’t u try to walk in the other persons shoes first..

  • stephen sailsbery

    If this bill is going into our state constition I hope that all moneys that the state receives from taxes is designated to go completely
    toward lowering the cost of premiums on medical coverage for wisconsin residents

  • Ben smith

    There’s no reason not to! The government blames safety on it being illegal but that’s nonsense. Alcohol causes many problems and deaths to innocent people but they don’t seem to mind that! It would be a great source of income for the state and would free up officers so they can work on the problems they should be working on. Let’s face the facts….pot smokers will smoke if you want them too or not! Locking up pot dealers longer than criminals that murder, rape and molest children is sick! Passing up on this kind of income is stupid! But….wisconsin government officials aren’t too brite. Time to realize what year it is and admit locking people up and labeling them criminals is wrong! Only here would we look at an alcoholic as a socially exceptable employee/citizen and a rec pot smoker as a criminal. COME THE F*** ON YOU GUYS! Remove your heads from your anus!

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